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Zigzag Weight Loss Calculator : Zig-Zag Dieting

Zigzag Weight Loss Calculator Video

Zigzag Weight Loss Calculator

Zig-Zag Dieting

Zig-Zag Dieting

What is ZigZag dieting and is it for you?

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  1. hey Scott, SO I am zig zaging my macros as well as my calories so I am at 2400 40/35/25 (pcf) cals one day and 2000 cals 40/20/20 on the other days Im doing cardio 3 days a week HIT sprints and lifting 5* per week one body part per session I am 5'10 177lbs just need to loose fat on my lower abdominals. Ive been doing this for about a week now do you think I am on the right track or should I be doing a steady amount of calories like 2200 daily and changing up the macros. What is your email so we can be a little more direct..thanks brother

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