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Z Charge Weight Loss : Testing Fitness Trackers For Accuracy Of Steps, Calories Burned | TODAY

Z Charge Weight Loss Video

Z Charge Weight Loss

Testing Fitness Trackers For Accuracy Of Steps, Calories Burned | TODAY

Testing Fitness Trackers For Accuracy Of Steps, Calories Burned | TODAY

Our “Cutting the Fat TODAY” series continues with a Rossen Reports investigation putting popular fitness-tracking apps and devices to the test. TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen steps up to the challenge of gauging their accuracy.
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Testing Fitness Trackers For Accuracy Of Steps, Calories Burned | TODAY

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  1. The difference in calorie burn: Could it be because the fitness trackers assumed he was walking on the streets and not being aided by the backward motion of the treadmill? And what do we know about the accuracy of that absurd face device in the first place?

  2. for me accuracy doesnt really matter….i am at around 3.5K steps daily right now which i know is definitely an inactive lifestyle…..i aim to take it to atleast 8-9K…who cares if the accuracy is off by 500 steps? the goal is to improve your health.

  3. Thanks to you. I decided to by one but this video shows these fitness band is just a garbage . thanks again for save my money

  4. They need to develop a product like the one the man was using on the treadmill. Just not that big. I like my Fitbit. It motivates me to do better each time. I’m not bothered by the fact that it’s not always 100%, I just have to make sure I do better every time. Then the true test will be the results. Eat healthy and work past your comfort level. Go beyond. My main use for the Fitbit is the heart rate tracker. This helps me a lot. I’ve noticed that when I don’t workout for about a week, my resting heart rate drops to a low 70s. But when I begin working out, my heart rate is much higher, which is what I want since it helps in burning more fat even when I’m not working out. I lost 35 lbs in 35 days while I’m on a low carb diet and working out. I was losing weight even when I wasn’t working out. You have to train your body to burn fat all the time. The point of this unnecessarily long comment is that as long as you are pushing harder every time, you will always continue to lose weight, regardless of your device’s inaccuracy. That is if you aren’t stuffing yourself all the time. At least you know that whatever your device reads you did much better than what its numbers are.

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