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Z Charge Weight Loss : Abs, Arms, and Attitude! | Yoga For Weight Loss | Yoga With Adriene

Z Charge Weight Loss Video

Z Charge Weight Loss

Abs, Arms, and Attitude! | Yoga For Weight Loss | Yoga With Adriene

Abs, Arms, and Attitude! | Yoga For Weight Loss | Yoga With Adriene

Our Yoga For Weight Loss series continues with this 31-minute warming practice that invites you to focus on the power of thought as you build strength and awareness in the arms and abdominals.

In this practice, I invite you to work with the body rather than on the body.

With a focus on upper body strength, waking up the abdominal wall, and bringing some energy to the third chakra – the power center, we’ll also check in with the attitude that surrounds how we feel about our bodies. This sequence will have you stepping off your mat feeling your best, physically AND mentally.

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Our Yoga For Weight Loss series is a set of full-length yoga workout videos designed to burn fat, workout your core and strengthen and lengthen your body. Check out the full playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLui6Eyny-Uzx2jQYA8MS73ND2kUMHyII8

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  1. This is your practice and it should serve.
    So check it out, see what is different, and remember how powerful your thoughts are.

  2. I felt great after doing this yoga. It certainly is challenging. I was surprised with the poses but with Adriene reassuring that nothing to worry if poses are not executed perfectly the first time as it will get better with practice makes me feel emphatetic with my body and still look forward to challenging it – that's the attitude.

  3. I've had this video saved since the day it was uploaded, but was terrified to try do it because I thought I wouldn't be strong enough. Finishing this routine today feels like such a victory – thank you Adriene for helping me change my mindset surrounding what I believe I'm capable of ❤️

  4. Amazing practice. I absolutely needed this. I can feel it in my core already. Thank you YWA. Your vids are the best

  5. Adriene, Namaste' you are the bomb! hope you are feeling awesome today, that's exactly how I feel every time I get to show up for your wonderful awesome yoga! Bengi too give him extra love today…Thank you so much for being such a selfless person…

  6. Adriene has such a great attitude, she makes me excited to work out with her every day! Thank you for renewing my love of yoga, and for getting me back in shape and on my way to loving my body!

  7. I woke up this morning feeling CRABBY and anxious! I 'accidently' clicked on your breath video that you just posted, and then followed the link to this video. I started to tear up about halfway through, and I really felt my anxiety for a few seconds. When I kept working through it, the intensity almost immediately dissipated. Once I moved my energy and attention from the thoughts to my sensations and breath, I felt so cleansed. I am so grateful that I allowed myself the opportunity to work through my emotions in a constructive way! Your videos always find me at exactly the right time. Namaste!

  8. Thank you for your time & energy! I really enjoy your Yoga sequencies. THe only thing that I really miss is a longer shavasana at the end. This is the main reason, why I actually don`t watch your vids anymore – because I think that the shavasana is a really essential thing within my own yoga praxis.

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