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Xiumin Weight Loss Diet : EXO – Xiumin Weight Loss & Yo-Yo Dieting Story 2012 – 2017

Xiumin Weight Loss Diet Video

Xiumin Weight Loss Diet

EXO – Xiumin Weight Loss & Yo-Yo Dieting Story 2012 – 2017

EXO - Xiumin Weight Loss & Yo-Yo Dieting Story 2012 - 2017

#EXO #Xiumin struggled maintianing his weight with extreme dieting before he finally found a healthy balance.
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  1. it really was that wolf era that was really scary. i remember all the luhan/hunhan fans not liking xiumin and xiuhan, that probably lead to that. i was just really grateful for lay bringing that up. we were really worried but we didnt know whether he was actually fine or not because the scary part was he would put 110% energy into his dances like nothing even practices. He seemed to have more than enough energy. I think kr fans were the ones who were always trying to comfort him to not diet so much. the ch fans never liked him cuz of luhan. Because of lay, for christmas day he was back to gaining weight. i was glad and kr fans still liked him.

    but i knew he probably wouldnt be satisfied with that, he was a hardworker so he started working out and looking up to changmin. anyways he is very meticulous so after that it wasn't a surprise he kept the same weight. if fans ask him weight loss questiond its probably for genuine advice instead of incredulity.

    i hope people are more knowledgeable about the science between fat, muscle, carb, protein, calories and nutrients

  2. as i remember, d.o xiumin chen suho has the same height, 173 cm. why xiumin becomes the second shortest, then who is the first?

  3. WOW the struggle of being an idol is real but im glad he overcame it and that the other members are aware of it and encouraged him.

  4. I would be really interested to see a Kai video of this as well, given he’s always wearing revealing clothing he must be pressured to have the perfect body…

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