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Would Anemia Cause Weight Loss : Iron Deficiency Anemia | Weightloss | Tighten Up Tips

Would Anemia Cause Weight Loss Video

Would Anemia Cause Weight Loss

Iron Deficiency Anemia | Weightloss | Tighten Up Tips

Iron Deficiency Anemia | Weightloss | Tighten Up Tips

Learn how to manage and live with iron deficiency anemia at http://www.metaburnfittv.com.

Low iron counts can not only impact your health in a negative way, but also your weight loss. As a body transformation tv show we focus on all ranges of topics that will effect your weight loss and your health.

This is a serious topic especially for women with heavy menstrual cycles, long distance runners, pregnant women, vegetarians, and those on a restricted diet.

If you feel symptoms of constant fatigue, tiredness, breathlessness, and even feeling cold, be sure to get checked out by a doctor and even draw a blood test.

Take notes and be sure to leave your comments below or on the blog at www.metaburnfittv.com.

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  1. …I kinda self-diagnosed because I didn't want to spend money on a doctors appointment; I'm a female long distance runner with heavy periods and I don't eat alot of meat- almost never red meat. I've been diagnosed with low ferratin levels before, and I know I'm super low because of the amount of fatigue I experience during races and workouts. I felt dizzy and nearly passed out after a medium long run with strides… And then ran a 6k race considerably slower than normal (around 24min), after t

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