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Will Weight Loss Help Osteoarthritis : How to Work Out with Osteoarthritis

Will Weight Loss Help Osteoarthritis Video

Will Weight Loss Help Osteoarthritis

How to Work Out with Osteoarthritis

How to Work Out with Osteoarthritis

Celebrity trainer Donovan Green answers your fitness questions! Is osteoarthritis keeping you from reaching your fitness goals? Learn a safe and simple way to get fit pain-free. Plus, try more low-impact workouts at DoctorOz.com: http://bit.ly/1f4h9QR

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  1. People use those Bands when u do those exercises he is showing here and it helps pull and un lose those tight tense muscles. I have O.A and i use them. You can find cheap at any ross , marshals, tj max, Burlington outlets. Also stretch daily , power walk… but start out slow and don’t over do it or hurt yourself. Your body will get use to it. Stay away from breads, sugar, processed food, red meat, charred bbq, go light on night shade vegetables if you must, no smoking and no alcohol, and over weight people have to lose weight because your joints can’t support the weight and will cause you lots of deterioration of the jelly between the joint that acts lk a shock absorber. When in pain take hot shower for as long as you need to help with easing up those pains and inflammation. I pray everyone feels better and gets relief from this illness🙏🏼.

  2. Im in constant pain even when I do leg lift just about five time its painful that night or the next day. …… I dont want to loose my shape…

  3. If you do not have arthritis, you can do, prevent is possible.
    if you have arthritis, recovery medicine is the only way can do. go to google to find a medicine for recovery.

  4. That's brilliant just been diagnosed with oa come from martial arts n weight lifting back ground.subscribed to this channel.

  5. I’m 66 with knee replacement..I go to the gym five times a week and it really helps.I take meds daily for,pain and this allows me to exercise.It helps you to sleep,raises your moods .Its been so important to have a good body weight too.Im 6foot 2 and weigh 13 stone.Sad to say my wife and I see no over 50s in our gym!

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