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Will losing weight reduce hip, back, and knee pain?

Will losing weight reduce hip, back, and knee pain?

Will losing weight reduce hip, back, and knee pain?

Matt and Josh answer a common question/concern of many people which is – will losing weight reduce my joint pains?

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  1. I'm sorry guys, but this didn't tell me anything. I was waiting on you showing me how to do it right, then the video ended.

  2. 1.) There are no old fat olympic lifters. When you're 25, your weight doesn't matter. Try 45, or 65
    2.) There is a huge difference between working out with some heavy weights for 1 hr per day versus carrying it around all day every day

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  4. You should have use a sumo suit with majority of weight at belly, people are offset buy the big gut. maybe you guys should help with understanding of food consumption when dieting, people don't understanding amount of food input and energy output, and how easy it is to go over your over your calories with processed food, refined sugars, etc. and water should be your drink replacement vs diet soda, and juice in a bottle. Take your MEDS= Meditation, Exercise, Diet, Stretch, and not in that order.

  5. guys i have a question i feel huge tension on my back durning doing squats , mostly right side of middle spine, is it some imbalance sort?

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