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Why YOU Shouldn't have Weight Loss Surgery! – The Truth!

Why YOU Shouldn't have Weight Loss Surgery! – The Truth!

Why YOU Shouldn't have Weight Loss Surgery! - The Truth!

A little ranty discussion about the plight in the Bariatric Community these days.

Why You Shouldn’t have WLS? Or why you should? What to expect and how to have long-term success.

The one thing your Doctor isn’t telling you about WLS!


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  1. I am so glad I talked my niece out of having this surgery . I taught her the real proper way of losing body fat , no fad diets , no starving , and no muscle loss. Eating foods to keep her metabolism on high , no skipping of breakfast , not drinking too much water ,instead drink diet sodas. No calories , no weight gain .Keeping the fiber low and to count calories , her daily caloric intake was 1500. She lost 1 to 2 pounds per week. I advised her to skip the salads and to eat fast food ( calories on the menu) , fast food has rich nutrients . Shes very happy , healthy , and looks great .

  2. My bariatric surgeon knows I can and will refuse weight loss pills/surgery but still wants me to look into it. Here's the thing. The very idea of altering your lifestyle permanently and knowing it will potentially be worse or can kill you…..is not for me. I'm scared of becoming iron deficient or other deficiencies again. I am working with a nutritionist that I trust and like. I just went thru a major plastic surgery last month. Regardless, I'm not going thru all this stress again.

  3. This woman had a bad experience with her surgery and is now telling people not to have weight loss surgery, if you eat like a pig of course the you’re not losing the weight.

  4. Who tf eats a whole loaf of bread in one day. I remember I told my dc I had banana bread and she thought I ate a whole loaf 🤦🏼‍♀️

  5. I had lap band 3 yrs ago. Lost 150 lbs then regained 60 lbs. I can’t hardly eat anything but liquids and I eventually get so hungry I get a huge order of ice cream cause it will go down. Lot of stress in life and trying so hard to loose the regain but not having any luck cause I am so limited on what I can eat.

  6. Instead of telling people to NOT have the surgery whilst YOU have had the surgery try taking a different approach and informing people of what it entails and let people make up they OWN mind. People like myself will have weighed up ALL the pros and cons before making an informed decision. Not everyone has the same experience as you and some people actually see their experience as a success, everyone is unique. Just saying

  7. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💕 I’m so grateful I found this video I’m having surgery in one month and I want to make sure it counts for the positive

  8. Thank you for this! My doctors keep pushing these surgeries on me. I am not comfortable with being operated on. Plus I feel as you say the work is mental not physical so you just mess your body up for no reason. Just in my case for instance stop being lazy and stop eating anything and overeating.

  9. This is great insight c9ming from someone who has gone through it. But everyone is different and we all have different mind sets…some end up successful, and some unfortunately don't comit 100% to the program…I myself am having my bypass in Nov. 2019 and it's been long over due…I wish you the best of luck! You look AMAZING!

  10. Yes, this is not a fix for eating disorders. My mother in law has gone in for 3 surgeries, lap band, failed after 6 years regained 40 plus, balloon, had to remove and then just had traditional bypass surgery, which seems to be working, however she still continues to eat ice cream in place of actual food, this is not healthy, she’s aware and is seeking psychological help.

  11. You are very intelligent women thanking you for sharing this with us. Congratulation on your book, you are truly an inspiration – London England xx

  12. I was wondering if there are “Morbidly Obese,” support groups for those who have gone thru WLS. My surgery is coming up in a couple weeks.

  13. Wow! I wish there was room for me to share all the health problems I'm now having. I had RNY in 2002, nothing was known about the future we faced. I lost 150 pounds & pretty much have kept it off other than 20 pounds but what it's cost me health wise. I have had four years of near death problems all caused by my bypass that aren't going away, I have to deal with them daily. I've had postsecondary Hyperparathyroidism, Gastroparesis, Pancreas doesn't work right, have to take Creon every time I eat to try to digest the little I eat. I almost died from a ulcer that wouldn't heal & I haven't taken any NSAIDS since my surgery, no aspirin. Everything makes me nauseous, severe stomach pains. This is the reason for the constant unending nausea & pain, it's called Candy Cane Limb Syndrome, Google it, it's real & I really have it so now I'm waiting on an appointment at Emory University hospital for surgery again to revise my gastric bypass. That's the shortest version of all I've gone through. I had the bypass to save my life, which it did for 12 years, then the chronic ill issues began. All this lady said is so true but so is what I've told you about my journey with RNY.

  14. now that i have had the surgery i can see her point this life after bariatric surgery.. is not the life i wanted to have,,,,

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