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When I Eat, Sleep And Train | A HEALTHY NURSE NIGHT SHIFT ROUTINE | Everyday Fit Ep 14

When I Eat, Sleep And Train | A HEALTHY NURSE NIGHT SHIFT ROUTINE | Everyday Fit Ep 14

When I Eat, Sleep And Train | A HEALTHY NURSE NIGHT SHIFT ROUTINE | Everyday Fit Ep 14

This vlog shows you my routine working night shifts and what I do about intermittent fasting. I have breakfast then Joe and I hit the gym together for a full body work out, I did a bit of what I fancied, not a particularly structured routine. I am wearing the Gymshark purple crop-top and Lululemon grey leggings.
At the gym I start with a shoulder warm up and then go on to push press sets. Then I perform deadlifts, squats and finish with a superset of weighted pulse squats and box jumps. I cooled down with 10 minutes of cardio on the stair master which I didn’t film.
Gym track is talented Vally Vand and Cardo Remel :

Check out Evander’s sound cloud at:

I then cook up some vegetarian lunch and take a nap before heading to work for the night shift. I take soup, pitta and an apple to work usually with a protein shake and chocolate. I get up the following day in the afternoon and that is my routine!
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  1. Thereโ€™s no such thing as healthy night shifts. Itโ€™s well studied that our most optimal sleep happens between 10pm and 2am. And working nights messes up digestion of food. It is not healthy and not normal. Friend of mine told me about his dad who worked nights for 20 years. Went onto days and had a stroke two weeks later. Nobody will ever convince me that we can work nights and stay healthy

  2. Here is my biggest issue I work 11pm to 7am :: I go to the gym after work . Now I have no idea when to eat my first meal or when my day really starts . I keep track of my food but at times Iโ€™ll wake up like at 4pm and I. Scared to eat so I wait till 11pm to eat anything . I just need help understanding whatโ€™s best

  3. Starting night shifts after Jan, my only option is to workout before work unfortunately :/ I hope that it doesnt tire me out too much.

  4. It's really nice seeing someone that knows how to balance night shifts with life and to get that knowledge from you is a nice gift, since I'm starting this shifts and my body gets very confused. Therefore thank you

  5. I found ur channel and i must say u balance everything so well i to work nights for now well been doing for sometime and i must say i been doing all wrong not getting much done in my life sleeping 13 hours my shift is from 9pm to 6 am i get home like 9am from the gym and then sleep till 8pm and back to work pretty much not alot gets dome but im going to try to change how i do things. . Thanks to u.

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