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What Would Cause Weight Loss In A Cat : Has your Cat lost weight ?,very thin, off their food, no appetite?

What Would Cause Weight Loss In A Cat Video

What Would Cause Weight Loss In A Cat

Has your Cat lost weight ?,very thin, off their food, no appetite?

Has your Cat lost weight ?,very thin, off their food, no appetite?

If your cat is losing or has lost a lot of weight and is off their food or no appetite perhaps due to serious illness, don’t despair .
Peanut has been under 3Kg for 2 years with a Hyperthyroid condition and kidney condition yet is now healthy and very active due to just
improving his diet.

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  1. I'm from Melbourne "australia", my 6 month young boy stopped eating and drinking water and he refuses to eat or drink, we are 4 later and the vet's said there is nothing wrong with him as in "blood tests" are good and there is basically nothing wrong with him.. they are saying it could be a mental problem.. so I told them he was like a lion when it comes to food, how is it possible he just stops everything just like that.. and there solution 4 weeks in is "for him to be in the vet hospital" so they take care of him.. I visit him every day and yeah they are full of shit he is dirty from toilet things he does and from force feeding they do, why is a cat always cleaning them selves because it helps with there senses.. so to come to the point we are in last days and I love my boy to bits and if you could get back to me I would do anything to chat to you, you are my last hope to get a answer. I tried everything and called all the vet's in the word and all they are after is bling bling and after that I get answers which are common and sense and no help at all.. so yeah all I know is he is coming home today and I try my self to do what's right and #1 thing is love and the right care.. so I so hope I hear from you sir.. kind regards

  2. I'm so thankful for this video. Our old lady is 19 and keeping weight on her is so hard. I'm constantly offering her different foods. I know she loves eggs and giving her the yolk is a wonderful idea. Thank you very much!

  3. I recently just got this young female cat who I found in a box full of free kittens. When I got her she was relatively thin. Her hips pop out and you can very easily feel her ribs. I am trying to get her healthy again and get her to gain weight. Besides egg what else can I give her to cause her to gain weight?

  4. My cat ended up this nasty bump on her neck and she lost a lot of weight this was a month ago or so now she had lost weight again and she then would be sleeping and she would stop breathing and its hard too wake her up her back tail bone you can see while she's walking also while she sleeping her breathing really light

  5. Thanks for posting this tip. I'm going to try it for my elderly cat. She's now 14 and although she eats quite well I've recently noticed she's lost weight. I've been feeding her natures menu senior along with royal canin aging cat. Recently she's been put off food and is always really thirsty

  6. I wish my cat wasn’t so finicky and she stopped eating because of a respiratory infection. This is a great tip and have to give it a try.

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