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What Would Cause Weight Loss In A Cat : Common Cat Medical Problems : Identifying Cat Weight Loss

What Would Cause Weight Loss In A Cat Video

What Would Cause Weight Loss In A Cat

Common Cat Medical Problems : Identifying Cat Weight Loss

Common Cat Medical Problems : Identifying Cat Weight Loss

Weight loss is a sign that a cat may a thyroid condition, kidney disease, or intestinal parasites. Learn how to determine if your cat is loosing weight in this free pet care video from a practicing veterinarian.

Expert: Tracy Carreiro
Bio: Tracy Carreiro is member of The Faxon Animal Rescue League. The League was founded in 1913 to help overworked and abused draft horses.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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  1. My cat is turning 15, and is very skinny. She has always been a skinny cat, but she seems more skinny as she gets older…

  2. I think my cat has hyperthyroidism because he used to be like a little overweight and now he is kinda avoiding food and also his gut got way more smaller. He has gotten a lot more lighter and easier to pick him up. But he never runs too. I am going to my aunts work (she is a vet). I’m really scared of him and i still don’t know what’s going on with.

  3. About 3 years ago, my 15 lb. cat started losing weight. At the time, he was 15 years old. Along with the weight loss, he started having extreme diarrhea. The excrement was really foul smelling to the point, even a little dropping would smell up the entire home.I took him to the vet and they did a complete blood work. Everything came up normal. Thyroid numbers were normal. Im thinking maybe he has an intestinal parasite, maybe  tape worm that seems to be taking all the nutrients from him? I dunno. Im stumped. Any suggestions that I could relay to my vet.

  4. My cat is going to be 2 years old in may. 2 days ago she was perfectly fine (how she usually was ig) but later the second night when i went to brush my teeth i noticed she lost a whole bunch of weight like all of the meat under her ribs / near her legs was gone and she's having trouble getting comfortable ig cause she just lays down then gets up seconds later and she won't eat much

  5. So the big cat in my profile pic is my cat that was chubby but then he started loosing alot of weight.Ever since we got a puppy hes been jealous and he was angry all the times.but later the puppy died because he was born to early.And then my cat started to worry and after a week he started loosing weight.He didnt want to eat anything so i bought his favorite canned food from when he was smaller.He loved it just like when he was a kitten .I hope that helps him gain more weight cuz i would die for him.He has been in my life for 1 year and he knows i love him

  6. My cat is 5 months old.. she was fluffy and healthy .. but from few days I have noticed that she is loosing weight , when I play with her I feel bones.. she eats well… I take care of her . I am confused what should I do . Pls help

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