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What I Eat In A Day (With IBS) | Food Diary Friday / My 'Low Fodmap' Journey | Melanie Murphy

What I Eat In A Day (With IBS) | Food Diary Friday / My 'Low Fodmap' Journey | Melanie Murphy

What I Eat In A Day (With IBS) | Food Diary Friday / My 'Low Fodmap' Journey | Melanie Murphy

What I eat in a day with IBS/irritable bowel syndrome on the second phase of the low fodmap diet (where I’m re-introducing things) & supplements! A BIG CHAT – to clear a LOT up!
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► Low fodmap diet & food info:
ABOUT: http://shepherdworks.com.au/disease-information/low-fodmap-diet/
FOODS: https://www.ibsdiets.org/fodmap-diet/fodmap-food-list/

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  1. I didn't know about magnesium for anxiety! I have some calcium magnesium supplements in the cupboard; I should take them. Loved this, how are you getting on now? It's been a year since this video, I hope everything is better for you now xx

  2. Im sry. Im from Japan
    so my listening english is not good. Would you tell me through comment what foods are good for IBS?
    I was stabbed by knife. So… As Short Bowel I suffer IBS… Know my Bowel is 1m… Everyday I meet diarreah and many time fart… Really… Fucking situations… Once I thought suicide but… I changed thought to be alive. So Please help me. How can I reduce bad symptoms?

  3. So happy I found your video. I knew I had IBS but lately my symptoms have been really severe to the point where I was worried and went to the doctors for them to tell me that I have severe IBS and for me to stay away from Alcohol, greasy & fried foods, carbonated drinks etc but nothing to help with what to eat, she just told me eat eggs, grilled chicken and veggies and diet and exercise. So thank you for this cause you’ve already helped me out tremendously because I’ve been dealing with this for about 2 years and originally thought I was lactose intolerant then found out it’s IBS but have no idea what is really irritating my stomach

  4. I have Allways have problems with my stomach/bowel. I am vegan and celiac. Now since a few weeks I have had the worst problems with my stomach. My stomach starts bloating so badly that it hurts everywhere. Also I have problems with my bowel if you know what I mean… it feels like an allergic reaction like when I somehow get gluten in my food. Now I am trying the fodmap and it has helped me but I cant eat big portions. I can't eat any sweets drink no soda or eat fatty foods. I am really worried that I might have ibs… your video is very interesting and I kinda feel like someone understands what I feel…

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