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What Hormones Actually Make You Gain Weight

What Hormones Actually Make You Gain Weight

What Hormones Actually Make You Gain Weight

Why you don’t manage to lose weight. In addition to a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet, hormones can play a role in weight gain. If you’ve been on one of the popular protein diets (meaning you eat only meat and have forgotten what carbs look like!) for over a month but your weight hasn’t changed, estrogen is probably to blame. To balance an excess of estrogen in your body, it’s recommended that you minimize your consumption of products rich in protein.

If you want to find out which hormones might be an obstacle on your journey to the body of your dreams, watch our new video! And remember that all of the advice should be considered supplementary. If you think you have any hormonal problems, consult your doctor. Only a professional can give you the right diagnosis.

An overbalance of estrogen 1:03
A deficit of serotonin 2:03
An excess of ghrelin 2:49
An excess of neuropeptide Y 4:04
An excess of prolactin 4:57
A deficit of glucagon 5:44
A deficit of adrenaline 6:28
An excess of testosterone 7:24
A deficit of adiponectin 7:58

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– High levels of estrogen make you gain weight despite the food you eat. This extra weight is mainly stored on your hips. In addition, your menstrual cycle becomes irregular, and you might have headaches or become overly emotional.
– A serious lack of serotonin almost always manifests itself in depression and a bad mood. Moreover, people with a deficiency of serotonin often change their eating habits.
– Ghrelin is a hormone that determines if you’re hungry or not, and it’s very stubborn! Even after a year on a low-calorie diet, your level of ghrelin could still be high (your body will try to store fat tissue just in case).
– If the concentration of neuropeptide Y in your blood is high, you’ll end up with a ravenous appetite. This hormone can lead not only to simple weight gain but to clinical obesity.
– A high level of prolactin leads to rapid weight gain. Women might notice that downy hair appears all over their body, a small mustache starts to grow, or their menstrual cycle changes.
– Glucagon lowers your appetite and promotes fat digestion. The level of this hormone lowers after a stressful situation — and that’s how certain people begin stress eating.
– Adrenaline (epinephrine) boosts metabolic processes and burns fat tissue. Epinephrine is all about the brightest emotions that you feel under certain (sometimes extreme) circumstances.
– Testosterone is considered to be the male hormone, but it also plays an important role in the female body. An excess of testosterone leads to an increase in body weight, and fat tissue is stored in the upper parts of the body (arms, chest, and neck).
– Excessive weight often indicates a lack of adiponectin, especially if the fat is mainly stored in the midsection. If you’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it’s likely that the level of adiponectin in your body is too low.

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  3. My tip – don't focus on hormones. Focus on proper nutrition, count your calories according to BMI, cardio and quality sleep/REM sleep.

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