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Wellbutrin XL Update: 2 weeks

Wellbutrin XL Update: 2 weeks

Wellbutrin XL Update: 2 weeks

In this video I answer what medication I started taking and how it made me feel. This is not normally the type of video that I put out on my channel but some people did ask questions about my antidepressants video so here it is! Hope you enjoy.

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Welcome to my channel!! My name is Samantha but you can call me Sam! I am a third-year college student at Sam Houston State University majoring in Criminal Justice with a Legal Studies minor! I am planning on going to Law School in Texas to study Criminal Law and eventually become a Criminal Defense Attorney! I started making Youtube video’s in order to inspire and help others! I hope you decide to stick around for this journey of mine while we help each other figure out this weird thing called life!

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  1. I’ve been on welbutrin for a week and was going to stop due to having the exact same experience as you. I was going to bed and my heart was beating fast and I could hear my heartbeat in my head. Also having the emotional roller coaster, and personality change, kind of feeling like I’m in a “ gray” area. I’m going to keep taking it thought knowing the same thing happened to someone else and it will stop.

  2. I decided I should watch this video after seeing the two months one to see the change because I've been on it much less then two months. Yesterday was my day off and I had an emotion breakdown over organizing stuff I haven't unpacked since moving across country. Lots of reminders of why I needed to move away from a bad situation; very overwhelming. But it's good to know it gets better.

  3. I have lost the weight from lack of appetite and I’ve never been the the depressed type but dealing with this Accident I was in and not taking pain medz has been really effecting me and bring me down

  4. So i was involved in a car wrack a couple weeks ago and I was hit by Drunk driver Thank God I didn’t really get hurt that bad, my DR put me on Wellbutrin 150mg Xl the last week and I’ve been feeling weird some days I’m Up and going and some days I’m feel down lazy and don’t feel like doing anything. The odd thing is later in evening like after 5pm I’ll get this random energy. My issue is the lack of motivation and little Fatigue I’m getting.

  5. Haven't had any problem with my asthma in the last months. Started Wellbutrin a few days ago and I literally can't breath again =(

  6. I been on wellbutrin for 2 weeks i had the same side effects. I actually forgot to eat for like 3 days i was eating snacks and water but I literally slept 24/7 and forgot about eating actual food. I hAd a few breakdowns but now getting better im actually doing things now im becoming more responsible. Thank you fellow friend Wellbutrin hands down ☀️☀️🌈⭐️🌈🌈🌸🌼🌕

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