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Wellbutrin: 5 Month Review

Wellbutrin: 5 Month Review

Wellbutrin: 5 Month Review

This is my experience with Wellbutrin.

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  1. I usually do get energy but if you take too much any ways with me I got tired but that was like after 4 in one day of 150mg ones

  2. Did you get any weird dreams on Wellbutrin? I have been prescribed Wellbutrin, but I am kinda scared to take it because of all the known, side effects and not being sure how my body will react.

  3. Thank you for this video and honest review! I’ve tried Zoloft and lexapro and haven’t had luck with those. So my doctor wants to try me on this medication. This made me feel at ease:) thank you!

  4. If this report is worrying anyone, PLEASE KNOW, it may be different for you. I have been on bupropion (the generic version of wellbutrin) for 2~ years now, as a treatment for DYSTHYMIA aka PDD. I have had NO side effects, as far as I can tell. The only effect that I experience is that I no longer spiral downwards into depressive episodes – I feel like my regular, normal, non-depressed self, and I have a much greater ability to consciously regulate my emotions. I pay 30$~ a month for this prescription without insurance, and it has saved my life and my relationship w/ the love of my life! Best decision I've made in at least half a decade!


  5. So, let's get this straight: severely reduced appetite, chronic sleepiness, a "hazy" stoned feeling, and 2-3 months of anxiety. OH HELL NO. I want my goddamned Adderall back.

  6. Day 3 on Welbutrin, it's interesting. I noticed some "buzzing" in my feet but it went away. Now what is interesting is I do focus alot more and that "background static" that I have is gone. Sleep has been my thing that has been affected the most. First day, NO SLEEP, didnt sleep till 5am, then woke up 2 hours later feeling perfectly fine. went all day without a nap and still felt fine. I now know that I have to force myself to sleep a good amount, has anyone else noticed this?

  7. Medication, for the most part, are to help people get back to a fruitfully functioning level! I almost was put on Wellbutrin, but was put on Concerta instead due to a more major problem with ADHD and overwhelm. It doesn’t help my anxiety, and I’ve been a bit irritated or teary since diagnosis and starting treatment. I’ve been having mild headaches and eating is hard. I’m in a temporary funk of feeling ashamed of my dysfunction and my progress in life compared to my peers due to going untreated for so long (I’m 24.) I want to be happy, and I know a pill won’t bring that without my work in life and mind as well. Good luck everyone, we can do it!!

  8. I just started Wellbutrin yesterday, today is my second day, it’s been okay so far! Thanks for sharing! Hope it works good for me!

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