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Weight Loss Zyprexa : My Psych Drug Weight Gain Story

Weight Loss Zyprexa Video

Weight Loss Zyprexa

My Psych Drug Weight Gain Story

My Psych Drug Weight Gain Story

Did I ever tell you about the time I gained a BUNCH of weight while taking the antipsychotic medications Zyprexa and Risperdal? It’s a real knee slapper. I was only 15 years old too. This video is all about that magical belt- and brain-busting experience.

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In the video I poke fun at the fact that I went to a therapeutic residential school for almost two years, and while I do take an issue or two with such places—specifically with their (sometimes heavy) reliance on psych drugs as part of their students’ courses of treatment—it should be said that being able to go to that school was a privilege for the emotionally troubled, truant youth that I was. Especially considering the alternatives. A lot of young people end up in far worse places, such as juvenile detention centers, etc. Those who come from economically disadvantaged families are especially vulnerable. Going down this path can lead them into a cycle of incarcerations and a complete loss of hope before their lives can even begin. It’s a real problem, and it deserves as much attention as we can give it. If you’d like to learn more about it, episode #7 of the NPR podcast “Caught” is a good place to start: https://goo.gl/Rwqiyp.

Really, all episodes are worth a listen.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in these videos are my own. My voice is my own. I do not speak for others. Even when it maybe sorta sounds that way.



Regarding research studies, and the NIH (National Institutes of Health) in particular: Research studies… are what they are. In this video I quoted results taken from a NIH research study in order to support my argument that gaining a bunch of weight as a teenager really sucks and has potentially lifelong repercussions. In the next video, I may very well discuss the NIH in a way that casts them in a deservedly harsh light.

This stuff’s complicated.

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  1. I ballooned up overnight on zyprexa myself. I was given it for my bipolar. I could not stop craving sugar. I went temporarily blind on zyprexa and almost passed out in a diabetic coma. I was given injections of abilify for six months and ballooned up 30 pounds overnight. It is six months later after stopping abilify and I have started dieting. I could only lose 9 pounds in the first six weeks. I have hit a plateau. I am slowing gaining it back just by eating 1500 calories a day on a vegan diet. It will not come off. I can barely eat and I still cannot lose the weight. No matter what I do the weight will not leave my body. I have swam and worked out and that helped me not gain it back for a while. I was sick for a week and couldn't excersise. I still maintained a diet but still I am still gaining the weight back very slowly. I have felt suicidal depression from the obesity myself. These pharmaceutical companies are piosening us ruining our minds and bodies. As they are laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. I feel this completely, when I was around 14 I started to take Risperdal (and other various drugs) because of depression and bipolar disorder. When I first started to take it I was 110 lbs. I took it until about 11th grade which was 2017? By the time I stopped taking it I was around 205. Which, don't get me wrong I wasn't a super active person, but I know a large portion of my weight was caused from taking these meds. Along with this some of the medications caused me to be constantly hungry. I remember the doctors were a little meh about taking me off the meds and said I could exercise or try to limit intake because Risperdal was a medication that shown to help my illnesses somewhat, but I had to forcefully stand my ground and they took me off of it. I've been fully off of psychiatric medications for about a year now due to the fact that I lost my insurance after turning 18. (as well as my forgetfulness when taking meds) So I am still slightly unstable, but since I stopped taking medications I went from 205 lbs to 176 lbs. Although I don't go to the gym and such I've lost quite a bit in the span of around 11 months. I've been really wanting to work out, but motivation is hard to grasp when feeling very depressed. I have been moving around a lot more and trying to maintain portion control. Even so, I regret not telling the doctors to take me off of the med, because it's easier to gain weight than to lose it

  3. True…I went from 120 to 160 within 3 months. in fact each of these vids was a year apart. Look at the change zyprexa did to me in the middle vid! https://youtu.be/VkAhgzZ5PKc and my A1c rose heavily. I lost the weight and then some only because I had to go low carb and reduced my meds under doctor supervision. and that was under a new psychiatrist's supervision. My first psych just didn't care that I was complaining I was gaining weight. She blew it off.

  4. I suffer from OCD too and I once took Zyprexa for it (last year) and I gained 40 pounds in two months. I went off it because I was tired of the weight gain. I'm doing much better now. How have you coped with your OCD?

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