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Weight Loss Zoloft : My Zoloft Weight Gain *UPDATE*

Weight Loss Zoloft Video

Weight Loss Zoloft

My Zoloft Weight Gain *UPDATE*

My Zoloft Weight Gain *UPDATE*

I’ve recently been getting a BUTT LOAD of comments and questions about my Zoloft (Sertraline) experience. I talk about the weight gain side effects and how it is truly affecting me in this video.

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  1. Thank you for this. I’ve been in it for two years finally went to the doctor because my weight gain is ridiculous 30lbs she says she doesn’t believe it’s this because it would happen earlier but I believe it is. Thank you for this and everyone who commented it happened to them the extreme appetite and craving carbs.

  2. my first day starts tm morning of being on zoloft for the first time. im freaking out. btw ur so pretty. idk if this pill is gonna make me gain weight or lose weight?? guess ill just have to wait and see

  3. Can I use it for weight gain? I don't suffer from anything but want to gain weight? Would this be okay not dangerous? Also, can I just buy it from the pharmacy without prescription ?

  4. I definitely became more hungry on Zoloft! A big problem when I was depressed was that I didn't enjoy eating but now it feels so good and I never want to stop so now I have to watch my weight unfortunately but at the same time it's great that I can fully enjoy simple pleasures in life like fried chicken 💓

  5. Get off of this garbage. They put me on all these psych meds (Zoloft, Seraquel, lexapro, abilify) as a teenager and I went from 105 to 186 in just two years without changing my eating habits. It was terrible and the medication was useless. I should have never been placed on it at all, I had lost a sibling to a drug overdose and my high school life was full of bullying and academic struggles I opened my mouth to a counsellor and told them I felt ''depressed''. The next thing I knew I was forced to take all these ridiculous medication by a psychiatrist. I was very naive then and assumed these medications would ''make me happy and the doctor was legitimate''. It's all a lie.

    Psychiatrists destroy lives. They diagnose and slap a label on a person that will literally follow them for rest of their lives and force them to take pills that affect their health and cause massive weight gain and organ damage. Funny how there is no palpable evidence that a chemical imbalance exists yet they are prescribing drugs like crazy.

  6. I need to correct information presented in this video. Research is unclear on how exactly the mechanism for weight gain on SSRIs works, but the pill itself does actually cause weight gain. This can be through a variety of shifts: decreased metabolism, increased water retention, decrease in ability to produce insulin (affecting your blood sugars), and increased appetite. Please do not get down on yourself if you are maintaining a balanced lifestyle and gain weight on psychotropic meds. This is a reality for many people. You’re not alone.

  7. PERFECT. From all my work stress (main reason im going on Zoloft) I've barely been eating lately and had no appetite. I am a bodybuilder (by hobby) and not eating is a very bad thing for us boys so I'm excited that the weight gain isnt strictly just the drug. Cuz my stressed out ass needs some IN N OUT!!

  8. Thank you, this happened to me too and I gained like 20 kgs and it’s crazy I was so healthy and happy with my body but I am better mentally it is really hard dealing with these side effects
    I am starting a diet now and exercising
    Hope I loose the weight I gained ❤️😢


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