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Weight Loss Yogurt : How to Lose Weight Eating Yogurt

Weight Loss Yogurt Video

Weight Loss Yogurt

How to Lose Weight Eating Yogurt

How to Lose Weight Eating Yogurt

How to Lose Weight Eating Yogurt. Part of the series: Controlling Your Weight. Losing weight by eating yogurt is obtained because low fat dairy and low fat products in general are a great part of a well rounded diet. Enjoy yogurt and lose weight with advice from a registered dietitian and nutritionist in this free video on losing weight. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_6723633_lose-weight-eating-yogurt.html

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  1. Dont listen to her, she’s fat. Also everything she said is a lie..idk what year she did her research on but NOW there are many studies that condradict every single thing she said.

  2. Apparently, she does not know that artificial sugar cause holes in our brain, causes health problems because it is a chemical, and the body takes chemicals as unknown substances and stores them as fat. She need to do more research on artificial sweetners.👎

  3. If you want to stay fat, consume dairy. This is 100% lies by the dairy industry – I can’t wait until they are gone. It is just as cruel as the meat industry. Watch “Earthlings” “Dominion” FREE on YouTube for visual proof

  4. All those are worse than the regular ones because they contain more sugar and sugar turns into bad fat. Healthy fat is not bad, I would rather eat regular healthy yogurt, the ones you suggested.

  5. Fat doesn't make you fat, its carb that makes you fat. I'm also a dietician and they teach us useless information. I lost 100lbs on keto.

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