Weight Loss

Weight Loss Transformation in 60 Days

Weight Loss Transformation in 60 Days

Weight Loss Transformation in 60 Days

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Weight Loss Body Transformation in 60 Days. Starting weight 97KG. I’m just an ordinary guy using simple straight method to get in shape. My final weight is 78KG on day 60. I’m still determine to keep going till I achieved what was impossible onc – Six Pack!. The secret – Never Give Up!
Will upload more videos and pictures as well how to lose weight formula… my diet plan and my exercise.

Rafi A

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  1. Rafi, I have yet to finish the video, studying at the moment but, I wanted to point this out to you: Out of the mouth's of babes comes our wake up call. Congratulations on your weight loss and for adding the time you will get to spend with your children. Thank you for the video.

  2. Very motivating , but my two cents , which can be very wrong , that dont take it so hard. You will lose weight fast . But it can easily lead to monotony and relapse.

    All you need to do is not to work your asses off , but first to make a habit of it which can take upto 1 year. Once you are in the love of the dopamin , one day off will make you feel sick. It is very difficult to go to gym in the beginning , but it is more difficult to give up once you are there.

  3. You were fat but not nearly as bad as a lot of people. I think you corrected course before you got wayyy too far down the fat path. Good job on your hard work man!

  4. Way to go Rafi !! That's great determination and no matter what anyone says , you've reached the goals you set yourself. Some of us just don't persist as much. Awesome !!

  5. Eat 5 spoon of food every meal and drink lots of water u can exercise too if u want to tone sagging skin ..this u will drastically lose weight in just a month ..remember dont eat !

  6. I used to weigh 90 , 2 months ago then I started high fat , high protein, No carbs , no sugar diet !!
    I couldn't exercise because of my work schedule still lost 10 Kgs lol
    You're fat because of your diet son

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