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Weight Loss Quitting Drinking : How Alcohol Affects the Liver & Body to limit your Weight Loss! (+STOPS FAT LOSS!)

Weight Loss Quitting Drinking Video

Weight Loss Quitting Drinking

How Alcohol Affects the Liver & Body to limit your Weight Loss! (+STOPS FAT LOSS!)

How Alcohol Affects the Liver & Body to limit your Weight Loss! (+STOPS FAT LOSS!)

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How Alcohol Affects Weight Loss! Marc talks about why alcohol will stop you from losing weight especially fat!

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Do you really want to know why you can’t lose weight when you drink alcohol? Stay tuned. I’ll tell you all about it.

3:25 So number one is that alcohol itself carries a caloric value, which means one gram of alcohol has seven calories. So if you’re on a calorie diet, if you count your calories, means that whatever amount of alcohol you drink, you will need to add into your calorie account. So just to compare, carbohydrates and protein have around four calories a gram, and fat has nine calories a gram.

So alcohol has seven. It’s somewhere in the middle, so it has a bit more than your normal pizza and the carbs you’re eating. So that’s something you need to consider. And that affects your weight loss, because most of the time, I think 90% of people who were asked how much calories your beer has, have no idea. So beer has around 150, a pint of beer, 150 calories, and a glass of wine, a big glass of wine has around 200 to 220 calories. So this is something you need to consider while you drink alcohol.

4:27 Number two, and this is, I think, the most important bit. I really want you to understand this point, so make sure you pay attention. Another wink here. So alcohol has no nutritional value, which means your body cannot use it at all. So the first thing your body wants to do is get rid of it. Because it has no nutritional value means also your body cannot store it. So what happens? As you drink alcohol, it’s getting broken down by your liver, and now, let’s think about the liver, and this is the important bit I want you to get, because you’re going to realize in a second. Now your liver breaks down the alcohol, metabolizes it on a basis of one unit per hour, breaks it down, which is fine. That sounds good…

6:35 Number three, alcohol is a toxin, and as it is a toxin, it affects or damages our stomach linings, the intestines, your kidneys, and your liver. Now why is that bad, and how does that affect your weight loss? Well, when you think about it, if you eat food, most of the time it will get broken down in your stomach a little bit, then in the small intestine, large intestine, and so on.

So if these are sort of inflamed or not working properly, your body will not be able to function at the full capacity, because all the vitamins and minerals and everything you need that your digestion works properly happens in all of these organs…

8:14 Number four, alcohol lowers testosterone. Now testosterone is known as the hormone or our muscle-building hormone in your body, and also as sort of a fat-burning hormone. Now I’m not going to go into more detail about it, but how does that translate? Well, if you have more muscle in your body, it raises your metabolic rate, and as you have a higher metabolic rate, you will burn more fat.

So this has a big effect on your weight loss as well. As it inhibits your testosterone, you can go into the gym, you can work out, but if you drink alcohol, you will not have the same effect, because testosterone levels are lower, and therefore, you’re not able to build the same amount of muscle you could have done if you haven’t had any alcohol.

8:55 Number five, alcohol increases your appetite. And that’s quite interesting, because if you think about it, most of time, you don’t just drink alcohol, right? You drink alcohol with your food, with something with it. And alcohol has another thing, and that is it is a central nervous system depressant, which means it has an effect on your motor skills, on your thinking, on your focus, and all of a sudden, you start eating more, and you’re not that conscious, and then, oh, let’s have another beer, another shot, another this. So you’re sort of lacking the willpower and the self-control of things, and that’s why it not only stimulates you to eat more, but you’re also not that much in control anymore…

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  1. This was great. Very factual and informative. The only thing that threw me off was "units" of alcohol?? According to you, a pint of beer has approx 3 units and it would take approx 3 hours to metabolize, "1hr per unit." I don't doubt that but understanding "units" compared to other charts that say, "approx 1 beer takes approx 1 hour" (US chart) to metabolize. I realize a pint is larger than a 12oz beer comparing your stat to a US chart, but that's still quite a bit off with regards to time? Maybe I'm confusing metabolized from blood compared to sobriety? A six pack wipes me out a lot longer than 6 hrs… Again thanks!

  2. i actually lost a few pounds when i was drinking on a empty stomach quite often and eating maybe less then 1000 calories a day

  3. I came across your video because i was searching for alcohol & weight. I drink 1/2-1 bottle Whiskey a day EVERY night for the past 5 years. Had to give up working because of a disability at 50 was a "reason" i went from 90kg to now 130kg , lack of mobility and sitting all day is another reason why i put on weight and of course Alcohol. For a week or so i have stabbing pain around my Liver area and i know its because of my drinking. For the past 3 days i didnt drink any whiskey, just water and honestly i dont feel that good, i cant sleep at all and i feel cold and hot. I dont know if i can go on , because i have nothing else to do , i cant go out for a walk instead. Just sitting all day and watch TV

  4. I've been able to lose 6 pounds in two weeks. Ever since quitting alcohol. I know my body is not finished yet. Maybe another six to go.I did nothing but walk as an exercise.The pounds are falling off like nothing.

  5. A DRUG doesn't have to be addictive. And I suspect alcohol isn't the biggest drug in the world as you stated. Listening to the rest of your video you are either really thick and think your smart or you think everyone else is thick. What are your qualifications?

  6. Total truth. Drank for 20 years was always around 220 -235. Quit last year now weigh a consistent 160. Alcohol is crap in so many ways.

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