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Weight Loss Questions : Answering My Most Asked Weight Loss Questions *the truth*

Weight Loss Questions Video

Weight Loss Questions

Answering My Most Asked Weight Loss Questions *the truth*

Answering My Most Asked Weight Loss Questions *the truth*

Hi loves! It’s been a hot minute since i made any health related videos…. and i think this video will answer why. DISCLAIMER: you do NOT have to be a certain size to feel amazing and beautiful! live YOUR best life! ALSO, I’m not a professional and these are all my stories based off my body/genetics. Please be careful, and ask for professional help if you need to!
with that being said, i love u, and i hope this vid can help some of u open ur eyes and live ur best life 🙂

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  1. I honestly wish I had something to blame my weight on other than just pure laziness or lack of motivation. I have, just like a huge majority of people that struggle with their weight, a drastic lack of motivation to do the right things for my body. I watch videos just like this, and many other different types of ‘weight loss’ or ‘fitness routine’ videos, but it really does go in one ear and out the other. I always think that I really do want to take care of myself, but i’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want it as much I thought I wanted. The videos or blogs on weight loss just don’t help me. The reason your channel helps me more than most others is because of how you tell those who support you, that you support them too. Also how you are so ‘inspirational’, and how forgiving you seem with yourself.

    Problems I have with fitness or weight loss:
    -I don’t drink enough water, some days I don’t drink any.
    -I cave in and eat takeout everyday.
    -I have a sad lack of inspiration and motivation.
    -I want progress and results now, i don’t want to wait for a long period of time to lose the weight that I gained so quickly.
    -My family don’t eat healthy and it’s hard to convert to eating healthy when they’re telling you ‘it’s just inconvenient for you to be vegan when we’re not.’
    -I’m the worst at keeping routines.

    I really wish that it was easy to change my mindset but it just isn’t.

    Your channel is truly inspirational, and while my subconscious mind doesn’t take in your tips, my conscious mind does.

  2. A few of my colleagues followed the “fetching tuti space” plan (Google it) and was able to drop around 13 pounds! After learning about their results, I decided to research this strategy on google for myself, and I dropped a few pounds myself as soon as I began. It has been 7 days since I used it so I still have more to express regarding its advantages..

  3. Liv have you ever felt self conscious going to the gym? Sometimes I want to go workout and this damn voice in my head is like “people will stare and judge” and I back out

  4. Okay can we talk about how she predicted emma chambie blowing up in one of her vids? I can’t remember which one but she called it

  5. totally supportive of you and this video… but 'eating disorders' isn't a term to be used lightly. There is a difference between bad behaviours/disordered eating and having an actual eating disorder, and it's insensitive to mention eating disorders in a video that is directed towards losing weight(despite the useful and positive information). It is entirely counter productive to the recovery community here on youtube, and potentially harming to lots of people.

  6. Honestly was going to comment on your insta that I miss these types of videos, and yet… HERE IT IS! Law of Attraction at its finest 😉

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