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Weight Loss Programs Yakima Wa : Keto Diet | Intermittent Fasting | Easy Weight Loss Program | High Fat & Low Carb

Weight Loss Programs Yakima Wa Video

Weight Loss Programs Yakima Wa

Keto Diet | Intermittent Fasting | Easy Weight Loss Program | High Fat & Low Carb

Keto Diet | Intermittent Fasting | Easy Weight Loss Program | High Fat & Low Carb

I really love this way of eating. I’m hoping that I can stick with it long term and be successful. I tell you towards the end of the video how much weight I’ve actually lost. But here are a few of the benefits that I’m seeing from doing the Ketogenic diet.
No Cravings
More Energy
Less Fibromyalgia Pain
Improved Mood
Healthier skin, hair, & nails
Weight Loss
Lind to Dr. Eric Berg’s channel https://www.youtube.com/user/drericberg123

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  1. I have struggled with suicidal thoughts as well. It has gotten much better the older I get. However, I have severe anxiety. The more I watch you, Melissa, the more I want to watch. I feel like i have known you forever. How are you feeling today? How’s your wound?

  2. Every time I stop by to visit you I’m always delighted with your topics. I’m struggling also & like you I’m just not hungry at popular times your clarification brought me some more hope. Have you noticed if the keto style is helping your hair come back ? Thank you mrs m ❤️ Roxx

  3. As always you look fabulous. Congratulations on your successful weight loss. A truly inspirational lady xxx

  4. I have learned information about how carbohydrates were correlated to an increase in weight and basically to keep clear of carbohydrates, but had certainly not looked at utilizing them to lose excess body fat. The primary strategy behind the 4 cycle fat loss treatment is to condition the entire body to melt fat for energy as opposed to carbs. https://tinyurl.com/ybrell6b

  5. Keto is wonderful. The keto flu is mainly due to electrolyte depletion in the first weeks of losing a lot of water weight. I just drank bouillion or salty broth when I felt woobly. My fibro pain is pretty much gone and I don't take prescription pain meds any more. My mind is so much clearer and I'm getting things done that I've been putting off for years because I was just too tired to even attempt them. I'm talking major projects. It's been 5 weeks, I've lost 15 pounds (10 or 15 to go), and I'm 75 yo. I will NEVER go back to non-keto eating. I removed everything from my house that I can't eat. No cravings, no cheating, no free days. I wish you well. It's so worth it.

  6. Wow..I have Fibro and chronic pain syndrome. I have gained about 35 pounds over the past 10 years. I noticed the weight started to pile on when I went on a new pain medication that has been so good at controlling my chronic pain. I need to lose this weight. I have always been very thin..meaning I am 5'5" and always around 115 pounds. Going from a size 4 to a 14 has been very difficult for me so I am really interested in trying this type of food plan. Thank you Melissa for giving me something new to try. I have never tried this..nor even heard of it so the plan intrigues me for sure!! Thank you for your honesty and your willing heart in genuinely trying to help others on this same journey. I love you sweet girl!! xo Gina

  7. Completely off subject but can you PLEASE tell me what make up you are wearing on your eyes and lips? Its amazing!

  8. Wonderful information!! Thanks for sharing it all!
    Congrats on the weight loss! Glad it is working well for you!

  9. Thank you for this. Since I have come across your page on here,. It has really helped me. I am going thru alot in life, getting old does not help,. But you videos are so encouraging and helpful. Thank you 😊

  10. I eat between 1pm and 9 pm everyother day. I just started it. I've lost a total of 170lbs and gained back 13lbs the last year. I have been obese or morbidly obese from puberty to 53! I didn't know what it was like to e under 200lbs. It's so odd. Last week I had a melt down because I was into a size 8 jeans! When I was in an 18 or 20, I'd be thrilled to have been wearing an 8!!! I had gone from 320 to 250 with protein diet, but 250 was my normal weight. That's were my body stayed no matter what I ate. I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia about 30 years ago and put on amitriptyline and promptly gained 65 lb all in my stomach and face! So in 2013 I had a gastric sleeve surgery. My diabetes was so out of control I was on 7 meds and still rocking a 10-12 A1C! In less than a week I was off all but Metformin and no BP meds either! The problem is with the sleeve nothing is rerouted so there's no malabsorption issues to cause you to lose weight faster. So I lost about 50 pounds in the first 6 months and that was it not another pound for two and a half years then the beginning of 2013 they put me on Topamax for my neck pain and is that my appetite! I had to force myself to eat a handful of Animal Crackers in a day. So I decided to try eating a bowl of Cheerios everyday with that Fairlife milk that has half the carbs and twice the protein. I would eat it with agave or unsweetened depending on what I was craving sweet or savory. And then I was having 5 blue green algae tablets for breakfast and 5 for lunch. I honestly thought there was enough protein and carbohydrates in those with the cereal I was eating to give me all I needed. Plus I was on Adderall, but cut myself down to half because of the lack of appetite. I lost weight. I lost 55 pounds in 6 months, which doesn't sound like a lot but when your 53 years old and postmenopausal it comes off slow, very slow. Then all of a sudden my hair starts falling out by the handfuls! I went to the doctor thinking it could be hormone-related because I had recently been put on hormone replacement therapy. They told me it was good old-fashioned malnutrition! I had to wear wigs. Luckily, I had 2 from 3 years before when I lost hair following my surgery. Today I have about 20 wigs LOL and numerous scrunchy messy buns, because now half my hair comes down past my collarbone and the other half is about 2 inches long! The only thing is you don't grow back as much hair as you lost so those bald patches especially around my hairline have, what I call kitten hair. I can now wear my hair in a ponytail with one of those messy buns Crunchies & use a little hair powder to fill in spots where my scalp shows but I still love my wigs and it is so weird being then ish. I can't call myself then LOL one reason is I'm not right now, because I'm very apple-shaped although I wear a size 8 in pants I still have to buy a large and sometimes extra large in my shirts. Too bad you don't have your YouTube comments we can post a picture the difference in my face is astronomical! Before my face was so fat I just wore Foundation, mascara and a little lipstick. My cheeks were so red I didn't have to wear blush cuz the red shoved through as blush LOL but I'm pretty much perfect at 155 lb, because I am 5 foot 8 inches tall, but now I weigh 167 this morning. I'm so disappointed, but when I came off the Topamax my appetite returned to an extent, and now the sugar cravings are back and I tend to snack a lot at night. Sugar is my crack! And dr. Pepper is my heroin, and Walmart is my dealer LOL

  11. I am thrilled of your diet results! My cousin has lost over 25 pounds since she started this same diet.

  12. I also had a child who almost succeeded committing suicide.He took enough prescription pills that they had to push the tube down his throat and suck them out of the esophagus before they could suck them from the stomach. He was so full of medications. He also drank bleach with them and luckily he had no permanent damage. His divorce and just things going bad in life were to much for him.He lived with me at the time and I was so glad because I was laying down and I just got a bad feeling about him so I went to check on him and he had walked out of the house and around the neighborhood. I almost gave up looking for him and said to myself I'm going to go around this corner and go back to the house. I found him around that corner so messed up he would have been laying in a ditch dying if I hadn't found him. It was night time. I took him to emergency in enough time for narcan and a stomach pump. He slept for 3 days in the hospital. He now see a therapist regularly and is now living with his father and going to college in Texas. Great timing with the Hurricane. But he seems OK. I worry about him everyday.

  13. How is your cholesterol? Just starting. Need to lose 10 stubborn pounds. Worried about the saturated fat. we

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