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Weight Loss Programs Vernon Bc : Health & Wellness Program: Healthy Weight Loss

Weight Loss Programs Vernon Bc Video

Weight Loss Programs Vernon Bc

Health & Wellness Program: Healthy Weight Loss

Health & Wellness Program: Healthy Weight Loss

Jesse Dylan, President of Good Life Networks Inc talks with Cheryl Haddad, KurSpa Manager at Sparkling Hill Resorts about the Healthy Weight Loss Program.

The program is designed to kick-start healthy and sustainable weight-loss, ultimately leading to a balanced lifestyle which promotes wellness. The program concentrates on three key components:

Integrative Medicine

Sparkling Hill Resorts’ Kinesiologist creates a personalized program to achieve results that the guest can take home and continue to sustain healthy weight loss. Everything from Sparkling Hill’s Keisser Fitness Equipment, the abundance of walking trails around the resort and the unique food program designed for each guest, makes Sparkling Hill Resort the perfect place to start your health transformation. The spa aspect of the resort also helps to re-energize the body and encourage the continuation of the program.

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