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Weight Loss Programs Reddit : r/antiMLM Weight Loss Edition

Weight Loss Programs Reddit Video

Weight Loss Programs Reddit

r/antiMLM Weight Loss Edition

r/antiMLM Weight Loss Edition

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  1. the cbd thing is amazing just the price is too much so just get on bay. I got a few 60ml bottles that are 2500mg, for really cheap, tastes like dab. I do prefer weed over cbd, because it calms you down but cbd is also good to make you come down really fast if you can't be high. You can also use cbd in oil carts (I am using an itsuwa liberty v9 I love it) but I love cbd and all just a lil thing

  2. And these people working for MLM still wondering why they're struggling even though they've been working for them for like 5 months 🤷🏻

  3. Hi Blair, I love your videos so I’d like to spend some time to share something that happened to my coworker the other day: it was a very busy day at the sushi restaurant I work at, as I’m a manager I here from my coworkers on their daily experiences on the regular, one of my shift leaders working the to go window came to me laughing after the rush and explained to me that a woman had come to pick up her order during the rush and handed her some Color Street samples as a “tip” and told her that if she was ever tired of “working a dead-end job” to hit her up so she could tell her how she can become her own boss, I almost choked laughing so much

  4. Bossbabe, aka momtrepeneur – Someone who spends 80 hours a week trying to sell crappy MLM products and making below minimum wage so they won't have to work 40 hours a week for someone else making a decent living.

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