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Weight Loss Programs Like Weight Watchers : Oprah Winfrey Reveals 42-Pound Weight Loss in Weight Watchers Magazine

Weight Loss Programs Like Weight Watchers Video

Weight Loss Programs Like Weight Watchers

Oprah Winfrey Reveals 42-Pound Weight Loss in Weight Watchers Magazine

Oprah Winfrey Reveals 42-Pound Weight Loss in Weight Watchers Magazine

The media mogul shared her lessons in Weight Watchers magazine, appearing on the cover for the first time.

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  1. Oprah is my most favorite person besides Myself and My daughters. But! She and I both know It's not Weight Watchers its setting her intentions and being conscious of her choices that helps her lose the weight. No wise person/ guru is dependent on "Weight Watchers" . Come on!

  2. Oprah is 65 years old, and STILL has a boyfriend, who has to settle for JACKING OFF, whilst looking at OPRAH and her girlfriend GAYLE KING playing "stinkfinger".
    Queen Oprah can SAY or DO anything she wants-it STILL doesn't change the FACT, that, ultimately, she is the BIGGEST loser of ALL TIME!!!

  3. Weight Watchers got SCREWED by Oprah.

    I don't SEE any GREAT weight loss, on HER part!

    She STILL looks as FAT as ever!

  4. She is still thick, but I think that suites her more than being thin. Some people look good with some meat on their bones and some people are more attractive if they are skinny. I think that being a little thick in Oprahs case is not a bad thing. I think that if she was very skinny she would not be able to keep the weight off, as we have seen her loose and gain a lot of weight over the years. So if she is a little thick, but healthy she would better be able to manage that weight because she is genetic more thick than skinny.

  5. Just get a LAP BAND and be done with it. Just saw Oprah as a guest at the Royal Wedding. WHAT WEIGHT LOSS?! She's a sell out. And a WASTE of TIME to take ADVISE from. She's fat, and will always be prone to being over weight. NO COMMITMENT. ANY DIET will WORK, IF there is COMMITMENT. Get a Lap band and be DONE ALREADY.

  6. WW is in the weight loss business. WW is not in the business of helping people lose weight. Oprah bought 10% of the stock of WW BEFORE signing on knowing the stock price would jump as soon as she became a spokesman whether or not she loses weight.

    The weight loss industry may be over $50 billion, but it's really just a small subset of a much larger industry that is a manifestation of the decay of society – it's called the Weakness Industry … weakness in being lazy, weakness in blaming, weakness in lack of discipline, weakness in confidence …

  7. This is the biggest POS garbage lie ever. The fat pig oprah doing a diet ANYTHING is such a joke. I'm sure she is getting paid a lot to do this… but after all, she is a big money corporate hypocrite. Hey… "eat all you want… and be like me". Yup… fat, ugly, liberal obese POS!!!

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