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Weight Loss Programs Like Medifast : How to diet Like Medifast But 90% Less cost

Weight Loss Programs Like Medifast Video

Weight Loss Programs Like Medifast

How to diet Like Medifast But 90% Less cost

How to diet Like Medifast But  90% Less cost

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How to diet Like Medifast But 90% Less cost
Bill Loganeski goes into why the Saturday Morning Diet has all the workings of Medifast Diet but at a savings of over 90%. The free recipe for the 100 calorie protein meal replacement bars is available on the Saturday Morning Diet website FREE of charge along with a complete diet plan. You can lose 2 to 5 pounds per week on either plan but on Medifast you will pay about .00 for each pound of weight loss. while on our diet it would cost you for the home made ingredients about .00 which you prefer? Similar weight loss but at a much lower cost. Check all our videos to understand better how this wonderful low cost program can help you loss the fat and the weight. Bill and Joan Loganeski have discovered a meal replacement you can make at home for very little money and when combined with our Saturday Morning Diet plan it will help you lose the weight. The Saturday Morning Diet channel is our educational and information channel to help you use lose weight in a healthy way.
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  1. This has got to be the lowest budget infomercial I have ever seen. Youre like the used car salesman of diet plans.

  2. The problem is, I've is looking at just a calorie reduction plan…. which it is not. He doesn't appear to know what he is talking about. The platform is complete nutrients, fiber, protein carb balance. Good luck with your diets….

  3. as a gastro patient i know that the medifast diet works, It is only short term as your metabolism catches up, but saying this i lost thirty pds in a month. the first week was the most dramatic with a seventeen pd weight loss. Now this was with following the plan with all shakes and a salad for dinner. With the surgery you have to lose 10 percent of your weight before surgery so that it makes it easier for the surgeon to operate. For a quick weight drop i suggest the medifast. but you will have to change your life style and food intake after to keep it off.

  4. It's interesting. I lost 90 lbs on Medifast in 5 months. It was great! I literally felt and acted 15 years younger. Sometimes I lost 3 or 4 lbs per day! (Women always lose less per day but it's still far better than any other plan) My high blood pressure went away and I was off of all medication. If you do the diet, the diet will simply work in spectacular fashion. I ended up just being on the bars. The bar diet is great! The bars feel more substantial than other things. They are convenient and they taste great- to me. Just grab and go (take the suffering in stride) and the pounds fall away like magic! It is like magic!!!

    The problem for me was that as soon as I quit the diet, I ballooned right back up to almost my previous weight. I'm sure pigging out on everything I had deprived myself of for months had nothing to do with that… nah. And it's harder to lose the weight the second time. The body is smart. It figures out ways to circumvent the pain of weight loss. I heard Rush Limbaugh say that he had lost a ton of weight TWICE and then he gave up. I recently lost 40 lbs on Medifast and then gained it all back- again. Damnit! I am back on it now and am 15 lbs down at this point. In fact, I am presently, at this very moment, feeling the great and notorious happy/pain. That unique interior sucking feeling known as fat burning or ketosis. Probably akin to Ross Perot's great sucking noise… 🙂 (who turned out to be right about Mexico) And then you pee- a lot. 🙂

    I will NEVER give up. It WILL become permanent at some point when I figure the damn thing out. It took me 500 tries to quit smoking many years ago but I never gave up trying and now after all these years, I don't even 'dream' of smoking anymore. 🙂 I am a non-smoker. It's the same with weight loss. I AM a thin person, not a slow moving slug with high blood pressure. I know this. I feel this. It will be my reality once again and last until my (hopefully) greatly delayed demise as a living person.

    But this Medifast is so expensive!!! They even recently raised their prices substantially! So, here I am researching cheap but effective alternatives. I know it must be possible. I'll try these Joan Bars. Maybe they will make a good, cheap transitional maintenance bar if nothing else.

    I was disappointed to find that your two websites are suspended and unavailable. Maybe I can glean your recipe from other tubes. I know you have many. What happened? Did Medifast get to ya? Their program is puking money for those rich doctors and I'm sure they jump hard on any threat to their business. But I WILL find an alternative because they have become just too damn expensive!!! Spoiled, out of touch doctors! (Yet whom I still do very much appreciate!!!) And for the greatest part, it's the less affluent that need the plan more than others because they are exposed to cheap fast food that turns people into human balloons! The quest continues. That's my .o2 and thanks for reading.

  5. I don't see any science. In fact, the reason why you have packets of eggs and oatmeal and so on with Medifast, is that it is not regular eggs or oatmeal, or just flavored dried milk, the protein count is much higher. This enables your body to work better, for you to feel fuller, is the low-carb effect that will get your body to use some of the fat you have.
        I didn't think the food was that horrible, although there are tweaks on the forums that help a lot, but I can't afford it. I like some Wonderslim products, the strawberry shake is good, but mostly, Medifast has them beat.
         I would try the Saturday Morning Diet if I had more info.

  6. I followed your site data. I have yet to find any real data on your product. Unlike you I wish to find your real facts and educate you on the difference. You may have a great product but I would never try it because I find you to be Highly untruthful & would never do business with a person I can't respect.
    I personally have done Medifast. I lost 47" off my body in 3 months. What you say about the food and the company may get you in trouble because I know a high percentage of your facts are incorrect. I wish you would please do more research. I know the oatmeal nutritional data is significantly a higher nutritional density than grocer varieties.  A normal egg has about 7 g of fat & defiantly not 24 vitamins and minerals. Your better off telling your perspective audience nothing than to negligently speak.

     I just find it sad that you wanna run down a company I find to be a blessing with false information. I feel lucky I'm not one of your subscribers. Nothing worse than following someone who is purposefully false to try to add success to thier own agenda. You do realize anyone with an ounce of smarts can research your words and now you have made yourself look publicly ignorant.

     I have tried 80 of their foods and there is only 2 i dislike. To be completely honest I did not like the oatmeal at first either. What was surprising to me is I went off the food before the holidays and went back on it and my tastes had changed I later really enjoyed it. I'm not a doctor but I'm smart enough to realize it takes time for your body to make internal changes.
    I know they have around 90 meals or so now. Personally I think they should sue you, but because their mission is to be a positive force in this world helping as many people as possible they will most likely they will just chalk you up to just being ignorant. If I had seen your video I may not have tried Medifast. You should be ashamed of yourself. It's people like you that go off half cocked which leads to people having to do diet after diet. Not learning how to make their life long habits change. Until you understand that learning healthy habits is the only real way to make a long term change it will only be one of several stabs in the dark. 
    the best thing you could do for yourself is to read that book that came with your Medifast. At least you will be teaching correctly at that point. 

    Some aspects of Medifast I find priceless is the teaching division Take Shape For Life. I loved being able to call Nutrition support or speak and ask questions to the Nurse or Dr they had on call each week. What I learned just being associated witth them was priceless.
    You did not happen to mention that you get to talk to a free TSFL health coach whenever you need or that because it is such a perfectly balanced food that the body will heal itself to a certain extent by bringing down inflammation from the inside out or how amazing you feel getting off medications you were told would never happen. Oh…and my skin I love that it makes my skin look amazing. The best pictures I ever had was while I was on Medifast food.
    Good luck to you! I would use more honorable business practices if you want to be successful in whatever you do. 

    PS: I lost quite a bit really easily on Medifast, but I tied to do it correctly, your guaranteed to lose 1-5 lbs every week. My 1st week I lost 9 lbs. I'm still on my health journey and if you want to lose weight with me in a healthy way to protect lean muscle mass which was my main concern your welcome to give me a call to get the truth and some actual facts & If I don't know I will find the correct answer.

    Marie-Elaina Reichle, NHC, BC, HCA & CPhT.

  7. I am a health coach for Take Shape For Life, which uses the Medifast meal replacements. I noticed that you said something like "an egg is an egg-doesn't matter if it's medifast or not" well actuall yes it does. The whole point of the Medifast meal replacements is this: In order to get your body into Ketosis (fancy word for fat burning) is to have a perfect balance of carbs, protein, etc. to get your body to burn fat like crazy. So the medifast eggs are not just regular eggs that have been freeze dried and packaged. They have added nutrients to them so that if you so choose to eat the eggs 5 times a day (if you were on the 5-1 plan), then it's totally fine because ALL medifast meals are nutritionally the same! So if someone joined medifast or Take Shape For Life and just loved the brownies, they could eat the brownies for all of their 5 meals a day because all meals are the same (nutritionally). I got results within the first 5 days and lost all the weight in 3 months and have kept it off for 5 years and I didn't feel sickly or deprived during this process. In fact, I felt healthier than I had since I was a teenager. So while I see your point about trying to do medifast the "cheap" way, you are failing to tell your audience something important–these meals are not nutritionally balanced to put your body into ketosis and therefore they will not see the quick results people see when they choose to do Medifast/Take Shape for Life. AND medifast is NOT expensive. It is less than $2.00 a meal! It's about $8 a day! That's not expensive especially when you add in groceries, starbucks, taco bell, and whatever else you tend to spend money on for food. It boils down to about $265 a month. Not bad at all. The fast results and how great you feel will keep you motived and will assure you that it was money well spent! If anyone is interested, please call me so I can answer your questions. 918-287-7612. No disrespect to this guy. I think he is misinformed. And just so you know if you choose to do Take Shape For Life, your health coach is FREE 🙂

  8. actually most Docs don't like medifast….  they would rather you change your eating lifestyle..

    medifast works..

  9. LOL. Don't diss the guy. We'll all be gray some day. The part that he's not getting is that each Medifast meal has a balance of protein, carb and vitamins. So even if you are eating the oatmeal (which I agree is horrible), you are still getting protein and vitamins in addition to the carbs. A regular oatmeal packet is loaded with calories and carbs. You would have to add a protein to get the same nutrition.

    No, the food isn't gourmet. But you can find foods that you are OK eating. I have to admit I'm excited every time I get a Medifast shipment. And it works. 

    He's clearly not a nutrition expert (neither am I). However, I agree, you could do this on your own. As long as you have 5 meals a day at around 110 calories that have around 12-15 grams carb and 10-12 grams protein. Then take a multivitamin and eat your lean and green dinner. I just don't have time to do all of the measuring and counting and Medifast is a quick and easy way to do that.

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