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Weight Loss Programs Like Jenny Craig : Get the Skinny on Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Programs Like Jenny Craig Video

Weight Loss Programs Like Jenny Craig

Get the Skinny on Weight Loss Programs

Get the Skinny on Weight Loss Programs


Many weight loss programs make big promises, but how many can live up to the hype long-term? Unfortunately, probably not too many.

That’s the finding of a new study, anyway. Commercial weight loss programs are a growing market in the US — where around two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, explained the authors of this new review, led by Kimberly A. Gudzune, MD, of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

“Primary care doctors need to know what programs have rigorous trials showing that they work, but they haven’t had much evidence to rely on,” Dr. Gudzune said in a news release.

To better explore the issue, Dr. Gudzune and team looked at 45 past studies ranging in length from 12 weeks to a year. These studies involved patients on a weight loss program compared to patients who were not involved in a program (“control” patients).

The studies covered 11 diet programs, such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Atkins, The Biggest Loser Club and eDiets. These programs all had a focus on nutrition alongside a social support or behavioral counseling aspect.

These researchers found that only two programs — Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig — had evidence of success helping patients keep weight off in the long term.

After a year, patients in Weight Watchers had at least a 2.6 percent greater weight loss than their control group counterparts. Patients in Jenny Craig had 4.9 percent greater weight loss than control patients after a year.

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