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Weight Loss Programs In Maryland : UCLA RFO Weight Loss Program featured on Fox News

Weight Loss Programs In Maryland Video

Weight Loss Programs In Maryland

UCLA RFO Weight Loss Program featured on Fox News

UCLA RFO Weight Loss Program featured on Fox News

Fox News Highlights UCLA Weight loss Program
KTTV-Channel 11 News on May 21, 2012 ran a story on the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition’s Risk Factor Obesity (RFO) program. Two patients who each lost at least 100 pounds were featured. Dr. David Heber, professor of medicine and center director, was interviewed and also appeared in-studio discussing liquid diets, food addiction and compulsive eating. The story was reprised on the FOX 10:00 p.m. news on May 21 and Good Day L.A. on May 23.
Learn more about RFO Weightloss at http://rfoweightloss.med.ucla.edu
or contact us at (310) 825-8173.

video courtesy of KTTV-Channel 11 News

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