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Weight Loss Programs Cork : Digestive Reset. Long Term Diet, Health & Weight Loss Success

Weight Loss Programs Cork Video

Weight Loss Programs Cork

Digestive Reset. Long Term Diet, Health & Weight Loss Success

Digestive Reset. Long Term Diet, Health & Weight Loss Success

This was meant to be a what I eat in a day video but I ended up talking a bit too long so it is focusing on how to detox your body periodically and achieve a long-term success on a diet which is easy to maintain. A Simple whole foods diet is the easiest form of a diet to maintain long term because it is environmentally sustainable, it makes shopping and meal prep easy and it is easily absorbed, assimilated and digested by the human body IMO. If you are currently not thriving on whatever diet you are on here are my suggestions for a diet which is in fact a lifestyle that I have maintained for the mast 7 years and it just keeps getting easier and better as time goes by. It is also great for breastfeeding moms because it provides us with vitamins and minerals while no prep time requires. Moms can get too busy for elaborate meal prep.
How to succeed at your new year resolutions and maintain a healthy weight for life, effortlessly!
Part two will be about my henna results and my pour over coffee.

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  1. Hi Ali, what is your experience with raw food diet and spleen health ? I am encountering some pain from my spleen (as pointed out by a traditionnal chinese doctor), he advices no raw food (bc it overworks the spleen). But I feel it may rather be bc of the weather (I am travelling in Asian countries – currently Taïwan) which is so humid and I m not used to it :/ . I eat less raw or "cold food" but personnaly I do feel better on a raw diet (I do intermitent fasting as well) ^-^ take care♥♥

  2. Hi Ali, lovely video 🙂 I am curious about comsuming caffeine. I noticed you drink lots of caffeine (from your lattes and pour over coffee). Would caffeine consumption not be good for your adrenals in the long haul? I stay away from caffeine because it irritates my bacterial vaginosis, and it makes me really moody.

  3. Very informative video! I’ve been intermittent fasting for the past year and a half now combined with plantbased eating for the past 5 years and it changed my whole life on every levels. I let go of 75+ pounds just by fasting daily. If there’s anybody here who feel like it’s hard to get rid of excess fat/gain muscles/feel comfortable/live a happy life etc. trust me it isn’t at all. I’ve tried every diets/ workout programs and that’s not the way to do it. Just stop eating all day long, live in abundance, love food and you’ll see your reality shift completely.

  4. I’ve been practicing your yoga for years. I love hearing your thoughts please keep these types of videos coming!

  5. Nice t shirt I love The Who
    I used to be vegan but I ended up returning to a "normal" diet with meat and everything because my body craved a lot of "unhealthy" things after a few years
    So I find it best to eat with moderation a little bit of everything and try to find the balance my own balance . I find everything else to be confusing personally

  6. SO excited about the book!!!!! Your energy vibrates onto the screen….love it! Thank you for all of this, Ali. And mess? HA!!! Not at all!!!! PS — what are your thoughts on soy? there is edamame pasta that I've eaten….also I've seen chickpea pasta. Not sure about those for Loti.

  7. Thank you Ali Im healing from an infection and my body has been craving fruit so it was really good to hear this today. I love eating fruit but was unsure about how much too eat is too much. Im just gonna go for it. And I Love what you say about energy from the soul and consciousness because this truth resonates deeply with me also 🙂

  8. Dear Ali, I just wanted to tell you a BIG BIG thank you for the infoation you provide us with. I can't even remember when was the last time i felt good about my body, about my self…probably it was when i was around 3 years old😂. I always had different health issues and as long as I can remember myself I was overweight. I'm SO DONE with dieting. I just want to enjoy my food and feel free again, nit guilty. The whole calorie counting system doesn't make sense to me. Why do people need to measure their food and know exactly how many grams of everything goes into you? Why such a vital thing that everysingle animal is doing intuitively, we have to do scientifically (don't let me start about all the contravercial research data😲 that just confuses the sh$#t out of me).
    I'm on a pasceterian life style right now, and I gave up on meat about a year ago, and I don't miss it at all, but I'm not quite ready to give up eggs and ocassinal fish. I'm afraid if I do that I will strat binging and my eating disorders will make a come back into my life. I hate counting calories, but i still do that 😔 to a certain extend, because I'm afraid I will not feet into doors if i just eat whatever i want.
    Thanks to you and another youtuber I gave intermittent fasting a shot, even though I was super sceptical about it at first, since I read so many books and articles about "6 small portions thoughout the day will spead up your metabolism"… but I'm so happy to say that with this approach I was able to loose weight even thought I wasn't eating "perfectly clean" at all! That was a very pleasant surprice for me. However I am still afraid of veganism and fruiterianism as a life style, because in the past I've gained around 6 kilos in a month, beause i was hungry all the time and I ate bread and potatoes all the time to satisfy my cravings (since I coudn't eat any dairy, eggs or meat, and also I was so afraid of eating too much fruit🤐…I felt like mh diet was so boring😓) …and probably that was the reason why i felt hungy all the time in the first place…anyway, I'm still confused about what is best for me. Maybe on day I will be brave enough to let go of my old believes and embrace new ones that will be more beneficial to me…
    Love you Ali😘

  9. Love being vegan. So easy, enjoyable and feels amazing. Dropped 80lbs and kept it off. 🙏🏼❤️. Thanks Ali

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