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Weight Loss Programs Cincinnati : Surgical Weight Loss Program for Teens at Cincinnati Children's

Weight Loss Programs Cincinnati Video

Weight Loss Programs Cincinnati

Surgical Weight Loss Program for Teens at Cincinnati Children's

Surgical Weight Loss Program for Teens at Cincinnati Children's


Today in the United States, there’s an increasing obesity problem in children. In fact, as many as one in three kids has a weight problem. And one in 15 has a severe weight problem. Doctors are seeing more kids with very adult problems, like diabetes and heart complications. Specialists at Cincinnati Children’s want to do more than help overweight teenagers break bad habits. They want to offer weight loss solutions for life. Here is an overview of our Surgical Weight Loss Program for Teens.

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  1. I was a very heavy child and was fat for most of my life as an adult as well. Your video is very disturbing. It's sick actually. I can't figure out if you are greedy or deranged or perhaps both. Cutting children apart isn't the answer at all. This is a shameless plug for a dangerous, unnecessary and often ineffective procedure. Shame on you….

  2. The psychological aspect of food addiction is very hard for a young person to understand; who wants to admit to having a psychological problem on top of being overweight and unhappy? The answer quite often is that the reason that you're overweight and unhappy is because of your psychological problem in the first place. Losing weight through diet and exercise is only the first part of the solution, keeping the weight off is the harder part. Nothing changes if nothing changes and in this instance EVERYTHING has to change; food, exercise, responsibility and spiritual development for the child. The parents don't set out to do this to their children, but they have and need to accept responsibility for it and CHANGE; I'm not saying that it's easy to raise children, but when the result is an overweight unhappy child, you need to admit and accept your part in it, a very hard thing for loving parents to do. Diet is the most important aspect of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight/body composition afterwards, there are a few simple rules for this; 1-eat as many fresh vegetables as possible, 2- eat a few pieces of fresh fruit a day, 3- limit your meat intake, 4- reduce your carbs intake, we don't need pasta, rice, potatoes or bread with every meal, 5- portion control, eat less, 6- have 2 low calorie intake days a week, 7- avoid as many packets, tins and jars from the supermarket as possible, 8- drink more water and less of everything else. The exercise side of things is all about motivation and for the child to start to actually enjoy exercise, the chemicals released by the brain during and after exercise can be quite a high and there can be a great sense of accomplishment once the child has achieved something that they couldn't do previously. The psychological/spiritual side is the hardest of the 3 aspects to address and attempt to improve (not cure, this is likely to be an on-going issue), the child is likely to feel isolated, lonely, different, victimised and misunderstood; the best person for an overweight child to talk to is another overweight child as they understand each other, this is the basis of all group therapy. I don't believe in goal setting or time frames, this is an ongoing issue, there is however a very good mantra to get a child through this, "It's just for today"; "You're hungry, well it's just for today", "You ache all over, well it's just for today", "You're feeling down, well it's just for today" and so on; there are no quick fixes for a very overweight child and nor is there a cure for what got them there in the first place, it took time to get this unwell and it'll take time to get well again. I hope that the above helps somebody: I have a menswear store for big men in Melbourne and am seeing more and more young boys who are like the kids in this video; I offer the above advise based mainly on my own experience as a recovering alcoholic who got sober, lost weight, got fit and attained a level of spirituality that enables me to live a happy healthy life. Chris Ferns

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