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Weight Loss Programs Alexandria Va : Weight Loss Programs for Women in Alexandria VA (703) 678-8500

Weight Loss Programs Alexandria Va Video

Weight Loss Programs Alexandria Va

Weight Loss Programs for Women in Alexandria VA (703) 678-8500

Weight Loss Programs for Women in Alexandria VA (703) 678-8500

Ultimate Results provides Weight Loss Programs for Women in Alexandria VA
(703) 678-8500 http://myur.com
Weight Loss Programs for Obese Women in Alexandria VA (703) 678-8500
weight loss program for diabetics in Northern VA (703) 678-8500.

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Doctors Weight Loss Program and Personal Training Center in Springfield VA, metabolic testing in Kingstowne VA, BIA testing in Springfield Virginia Georgetown Washington DC and Alexandria VA Arlington Virginia.
Ultimate Results Personal Training and Weight Loss Center.
3050 K Street Washington DC 20006.
2305 Mt. Vernon Ave Alexandria Virginia
Our Mission
“To enhance your health and fitness through private personal training,
ultimate weight loss, cardio fitness and wellness programs.”
http://www.myur.com/ 703-678-8500
about Ultimate Results
When it comes to achieving your ultimate weight loss and fitness goals, no one can match Ultimate Results Personal Training and Weight Loss Center. Ultimate Results is the best personal training and weight loss center in the world— period! Ultimate Results is the only Personal training center that offers everything you need to reach your ultimate weight loss and fitness goal. We understand that losing weight and getting fit is not easy, but it’s not very difficult at Ultimate Results, because we have countless ways and resources to get you into the best shape of your LIFE!

Why do you come to a personal training center? The reason is simple, it’s because you are looking for someone to facilitate a major change. Unfortunately, people end up settling for considerably less. If you go to any of the other hundred plus gyms and personal training centers and fail to achieve your goals, there are no consequences for failure. Well, it is our mission at Ultimate Results to change all that. Whether you are looking to lose three to eight inches off your waist and get into your favorite dress, or put on ten to twenty pounds of muscle and learn self defense skills, we will help you to re-create your body into the image you have probably been dreaming about for far too long. The way we keep our promises to you, and to all our clients, is that after an initial fitness assessment, we provide you with a customized Ultimate Results Personal Training and Weight Loss Centers prescription that tells you exactly what you will need to do to reach your fitness goals. Our Ultimate Fitness and Weight Loss Program addresses every part of your health and fitness reality including exercise, nutrition, cardio and restorative daily behavior. Sorry, in our programs you don’t get to determine that you might like to exercise two days this week and maybe one day next week. Quite frankly, I know from experience that allowing personal training clients to decide how often they will exercise is a recipe for failure and frustration. There is a good chance that you might know this as well. We find that many of the people who come to us have already been down that road before. People come to Ultimate Results Personal Training and Weight Loss Centers when they have decided that they can not conceive of a world in which they don’t have the body that they have been hoping for, and dreaming about all their lives. I put the financial health of my business on the line with every client. So, I take the success or failure of every client personally. You also need to understand, unlike other fitness companies that sell personal training services, we sell packages of training sessions based solely on what you looking and we develop customized personal training and fitness programs that guarantee results in a specified period of time.


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2305 Mt. Vernon Ave Del Ray 22301 703-684-6884
3050 K street Washington DC 20007 202-506-5390

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