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Weight Loss Program Quiz



In this weekly LIVE broadcast which airs at 4:00pm Pacific time here https://www.facebook.com/chef.aj1/, Chef AJ, the creator of the Ultimate Weight Loss Program, answers your questions about heathy, permanent and sustainable weight loss.

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  1. Hi Chef AJ… thank you for changing the world- one person @ a time! Ive tried to contact Debbie/Bensons (5 emails!) to get enquire about getting BENSONS TABLE TASTY delivered to Australia, but after receiving their auto email response/s, I don’t hear anything further. Do you know if they’re still operating & if so, do you know if she/they give any shipping discounts (if still delivering to Australia) for spending a certain amount (the minimum postage was a ridiculous $25 for a 3 pack even after your “chef Aj” discount!?)! Thanks so much, Kaz (kazzar0007@hotmail.com).

  2. what if i have all the addiction symptoms for a healthy food? is it then ok and i shouldn't worry about it or is it a problem that needs fixing? (not overweight if that matters)

  3. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR worked great for me!! When I began using it, that was the only thing I changed. After 2 weeks, I noticed that I wasn't craving alcohol & vegan junk food anymore. ACV is incredible for your micriobiome, and when that is in balance, you're less likely to eat crap. *That* is what causes the weight loss 🙂

  4. I'm definitely one of those people who likes to have a foot in both worlds. I'm at my goal weight though…and I only eat non-compliant foods once or twice a week MAXIMUM. The main thing I notice is that it honestly does make me a tiny bit miserable for the next couple days because I get horrible cravings. I'm able to make good decisions and eat an apple or some steamed broccoli when I get a craving, so I don't believe it's harming my physical health….HOWEVER, I do think it causes me **stress**, which is unhealthy. Giving up that once a week treat is definitely the last little vestiges of the pleasure trap – it would be easier if I didn't live in Los Angeles where there are amazing vegan restaurants on every corner. boo hoo.

  5. I've just joined the UWL Program, I am hoping to finally stop losing & regaining these last 5-10kgs. I have all up lost around 45kgs but I have developed more of a binging/overeating addiction due to the severe calorie restraints that I used to first loose the weight (that and I was really over doing exercise too). I have maintained the 45kg weight loss since 2013 but these last 5-10kgs are really not budging because every-time I think I am on track I fall off again. Hopefully the FB group are enough of a support to help me stay on track and keep these last few kgs off 🙂

  6. Hey, I've got news, I've managed not to cramm for two days now!!!!!!! I only had to cut out fruit. Now my diet is only lentils and oats boiled together, potatoes, fennel and carrots and endives in summer and fennel and zucchini and tomatoes and cucumber . Steamed and raw. The 3 first days of no fruit, I had only apples left in my diet, I cried but now I am so so peaceful.
    I eat twice a day at twelve and at five. And in between? Water!!!! Jeeeez I never think about food anymore and I'm already down a few grams !!!!

  7. Thank you AJ, for answering my questions on salt. I haven’t had more leg cramps as long as I eat enough greens in the morning. This seems to be key for a bunch of little problems. I’m super happy to say that this is going great, about a week now. Thanks for the info on the spray. Is it ok to have soy milk as long as nothing in it but soy and water? If anyone knows thanks!

  8. Bailey looks like the sweetest dog ever! I'd love to come doggie-sit Bailey while you're doing your WLW! 💕

  9. Suppose I'll have to be awake at 6 am on Thursday Morning to catch your interview with Dr. Fuhrman. ❤️

  10. Chef AJ, feel free to sit in all of your videos if it's more pleasant for you. It takes nothing away from your great information.

  11. Another great video. The food addiction quiz from your book was cool. I’m just over 4 months SOS free, and if I had answered those questions in May, I would have been “Yes” for all 10. Now I can answer “No” to most of them. But while I might not be obsessing about eating poison food anymore, I know from past experience that a small slip could cause a major relapse. I’m so glad I found your program to deal with food addiction. The other food addiction programs I looked into were pushing meat consumption and I just couldn’t overlook that. With each passing day, and each pound lost, I am more convinced that this is the perfect program for me.

  12. AJ, I think you helped me in this video! I looked up Magnesium spray, and to my surprise the reviews mentioned help with their sleep. I haven't slept a full night in over 20 years. I'll let you know when I find out if it works. But I just had to thank you. I'm so excited, as I've been searching for an answer.

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