Weight Loss

Weight loss program Q&A with experts

Weight loss program Q&A with experts

Weight loss program Q&A with experts

Health and wellness experts Dr. Christopher Chapman & Dr. Edwin McDonald answered user questions about their innovative approaches to weight management offered at UChicago Medicine. For a table of contents click “Show More”.

Table of Contents:
0:01:57 Meet Gregory Fulham, who had a procedure called endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.
0:05:17 What is the difference between healthy weight loss versus non-healthy weight loss?
0:06:17 How do you maintain weight loss?
0:08:00 Is BMI the best way to gauge a healthy weight?
0:09:30 How do you know if you should be considering bariatric surgery, an endoscopic procedure or another type of medical weight loss?
0:11:53 Can you show how an endoscopic procedure is done?
0:13:34 Can you show aspiration therapy?
0:15:14 Are fad diets like kept, whole30, paleo, etc helpful or harmful?
0:18:00 I had roux-en-Y and the results didn’t stay. What should I do?
0:19:38 What are the health benefits of black coffee?
0:22:12 Is there a link between obesity and cancer?
0:22:58 Is there a correlation between a high protein diet and kidney stones?
0:24:08 I have a PCOS and a slightly high A1C, would an endoscopic weight management procedure be beneficial to helping me lower my A1C?
0:26:41 Do you approach a woman’s weight loss treatment differently than you would a mans?
0:28:10 Is a vegan diet healthy?
0:30:19 Is a keto diet healthy?

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