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Weight Loss Percentage Calculator Weight Loss Percentage Calculator : Weight Loss | How To Calculate BMI | StreamingWell.com

Weight Loss Percentage Calculator Weight Loss Percentage Calculator Video

Weight Loss Percentage Calculator Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

Weight Loss | How To Calculate BMI | StreamingWell.com

Weight Loss | How To Calculate BMI | StreamingWell.com

Are you concerned about your weight? Perhaps you have tried to calculate your BMI. This is not the only way to assess if you are overweight.

This short video explains that body mass index, the ratio between height and weight is not a perfect measure of obesity due to the fact that people carry their weight differently and that someone with a lot of muscle, such as a rugby player, may be deemed as overweight when they are actually healthy.

The measurement of waist circumference as an alternative measurement of obesity for both men and women is also highlighted and it is argued to be a better indicator that a person may be carrying excessive dangerous visceral fat. Finally the video explains how to work out your BMI and also measure your waist circumference properly to assess whether you are obese.

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  1. I think there should a lot more mentioned about the generality of BMI as an indicator of "healthy" weight. It is casually mentioned most of the time that BMI isn't necessarily an accurate measurement of body fat & a "healthy" weight, but especially in this day & age in which people are getting larger at a frightening rate–BMI is almost obsolete. For example, I'm 5' 11.5", 47 years old, & weight 200-205, but I have a 31.5" waist. Getting down to 181 lbs. would be almost impossible for me, unless I hack off a limb. Now I realize that I'm somewhat of an outlier, but not THAT unusual of a case, & body type. This can risk body image issues in young people as well.

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  3. Here is advice from Dr. Paul Stillman on checking your Body Mass Index: Your weight.
    Notice that he mentions in this video the importance of contacting your doctor (Immediately!) if you find that you have a weight issue that need to be looked into. Peace.

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