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Weight Loss Motivation| Are You In Tune With Your Body Weight Set Point?

Weight Loss Motivation| Are You In Tune With Your Body Weight Set Point?

Weight Loss Motivation| Are You In Tune With Your Body Weight Set Point?

Weight Loss Motivation| Are You In Tune With Your Body Weight Set Point?

There is a theory about the body having a “fat set point”. In this video, I explain my personal experience with this. I follow something called intuitive eating and over the years on my weight loss journey, I have seen my body at different weights and also have experienced losing weight, then gaining weight and being so aware and in tune with my body that now I know what triggers my body to jump to a certian weight. For example, I maintain nicely at 127lbs. At this weight, living a healthy lifestyle is my focus. I focus on eating foods that my body wants in that moment, choosing nutrient dense foods that will supply my body with the proper nutrients and energy that it needs… some days when I am disconnected to my body, I listen to my mind and go for maybe not the best choice and choose what I want instead of what I need.

When life becomes stressful and chaotic , my body will start to crave certain foods. When I am unaware of what my body is trying to tell me and do whatever I want as well as eat whatever I want, my body will jump right back up to 142lbs. Due to stress, how I handle my stress, potentially reverting back to old habits, old habits leading to familiarity and the body recognizes this pattern and behaviour and for me , my body goes to a weight its most comfortable.. 142. I believe my body does this due to the stress hormones being pumped heavily and cortisol rising and adrenals are working overtime! So this weight gain is a way of my body protectig itself… (just my own awareness and perspective)
Another, weight set point its very comfortable at. I have been at 142lbs a couple times and also at 127lbs a couple times and each time learning something new about myself and reflecting back on why things happened the way it did.

I have personally gained alot of knowledge with reconnecting with my body and taking the time to listen to it and do what works for me in order for it to fee like a healthy lifestyle and not a lifelong diet .

In this video, I decide to RECOMMIT to my health and fitness goals. I have been maintaining at 127lbs for a solid year and enjoyed the maintenance weight I am at. However, with this being said, I am also feeling very comfortable and no longer … challenged. Due to this awareness, I feel like I can easily slip back into old habits. It’s happened before, it can happen again but, this time I am aware and choosing to change and recommit to myself to be even healthier than I am today and to challenge my body and fitness to get to my ultimate goal health and physique!

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video! Thank you for being on this journey with me

YouTube Video Recommendation For Great Info On
“Can You Change Your Body Set Point”
Paul Revelia – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlvT82i4Occ

I love Pauls explanation! Amazing information on his channel!

*SW: 142lbs January 1, 2016
*CW: 127lbs March 23, 2017
*Goals: To Be Healthy & Fit! hehe but, if I HAD to choose a number I am aiming for 115lbs by June 30, 2017. But, again this is just a number… the most important thing is WHY and the WHY is in this video.

Are YOU on your very own health and weightloss journey?

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  1. I really want your advice your video is so inspiring i almost have the same problem except I started 145 pounds at 5'1 since I was 15 I am 26 in August and I really want to get down to 110 at 17 years old I was able to achieve this weight and keep it off until I was 23 since then I've gotten back up to 145 and it just completely was devastating I don't enjoy the way I feel when I sleep or walk being 145 I've been eating clean mostly vegetables and lean fish for 3 weeks I have able to get it down to 132.5 with a 37 inch waist but I haven't seen any results recently and I'm wondering what kind of exercise I can do I'm mostly worried about my midsection but I have a bad arm and can't use the tendons in my right arm your story is so similar to mine I just can't be happy until I'm at 110 again I don't feel comfortable what is your advice

  2. YAS! Amazing video!! I love that you suggest taking the time to acknowledge all of the progress & hard work we have put in to get where we are! Love it!!

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