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Weight Loss Loose Skin : MY LOOSE SKIN AFTER LOSING 130LBS

Weight Loss Loose Skin Video

Weight Loss Loose Skin




Hello, my dear friends!

In this video I talk about my loose skin. For those who do not know me, my name is Jordan and I lost 130lbs last year. I decided to make this video for everyone who keeps asking about my skin. I like keeping it as transparent as possible, so I hope it is informative and helpful!

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My current weight is around 175lbs
My starting weight was 303.4lbs
I am 5’9″
I am 24-years-old
I will be getting a full tummy tuck and bilateral breast lift
My shirt is from Killstar
My lipstick is Pure Heroine by MAC
My camera is the Sony a5100

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  1. GUYS. I am so unbelievably overwhelmed by the amount of support in the comments. Thank you so much for all the love. I am so happy that you found this video helpful. Thank you for all the compliments on my skin, personality, appearance, etc. YOU GIVE ME THE WARM FUZZIES AND I JUST REALLY APPRECIATE YOU ALL. Be expecting more videos because you all GIVE ME LIFE.

  2. This is so cool lmao. This actually happens to EVERYONE who shifts from different weight overtime, not just fat people who lose alot of weight. For example, I once went from 145 lbs to about 121 lbs (I'm 5'9) and noticed that some parts of my body had looser skin than it was when I had weighed more… But it's obviously not as extreme as this.

  3. I lost 70 lbs, I’m older than you. I worked out…as much as possible and started vitamins. I see the difference over 2 years in muscle and skin has actually gotten tighter. Thank God you are young and don’t have cellulite. You got this girl, even your boobs will change if you work out. You need to try a clean diet as well, eat a lot of nuts for good fat, which will help your skin get tight.

  4. Glad you made it to remove your own and others insecurity I also reduced 140 pounds and struggling with the same situation thanks for motivating us

  5. I'm losing weight, I've lost 44lb so far, and I know I'll have that bit above my butt too once I lose weight. I have no butt even as someone who was 325lb at my heaviest I still had no fat on my butt cheeks, my ass was totally flat, but I have so much fat around my back at waist level that it sticks out like my butt would if I had one only higher. You might not read this comment seeing as the video was posted but if you do would you be able to tell me if they take that excess skin off when the do the stomach skin surgery?

  6. Ive lost almost 130lbs now since last July and this was super comforting bc I thought my belly skin was fat too and it makes me so insecure

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