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Weight Loss Korean Food : What I Eat In Korea (And NEVER Gain Weight) 그레이스

Weight Loss Korean Food Video

Weight Loss Korean Food

What I Eat In Korea (And NEVER Gain Weight) 그레이스

What I Eat In Korea (And NEVER Gain Weight) 그레이스

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Hey guys so today I show you what I eat on a daily basis struggling to stay healthy! Check out what I ate…
한국에서 건강을 챙길려고 하는데요… 너무 맛있는게 많아서… 힘든 도전 이네요!!

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  1. dang. seems like a boring life to focus so much on food. WAY too many restrictions. Not a healthy diet at all. eating less doesnt mean "healthy" it can actually mean the opposite. To the point where you're under-nourished and develop disorded thoughts. Just enjoy your life and eat in moderation. This looks so boring and insane to put urself through. Not worth

  2. Yo this is so helpful, I just moved to Korea in January and I have had no damn clue what to eat to try to be healthy and lose weight, everything is DRENCHED in salt and sugar. Thanks for these tips, you're a lifesaver☺

  3. I don’t get the comments, she seems like she’s making good choices to me. Trying to avoid white carbs for brown carbs, trying to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.

  4. I’m kinda confused most Koreans are slim right …yet they eat rice? But to lose weight you are avoiding rice?

  5. So most of those lunch items were around $5.75 and the coffee break item around $4.25, correct? Is that the same kind of food you ate in the States?

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