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Weight Loss Juice Program : Juice-only cleanses: what you need to know

Weight Loss Juice Program Video

Weight Loss Juice Program

Juice-only cleanses: what you need to know

Juice-only cleanses: what you need to know

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that juice cleanses & detox diets improve health, says April Thorimbert, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. There are, however, many potential risks.

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  1. LOL 😂You have to be a fool to listen to a hospital dietician. Just about the most corporate / government brainwashed shill out there in the world of nutrition. Have you ever had hospital food? Shhhheshhh…

    This woman knows nothing about the benefits of drinking freshly made vegetable juices. They used two dingalings who drank juice to lose weight. That is not why people drink juice, it is not a friggin diet!

  2. Once I saw that a hospital posted this I new it was gonna be biased. Americans just want an excuse to eat garbage so they can get sick later on.

  3. Uh…we don't need Scientific proof of anything! We simply need real world experiences! And people have kicked cancer's ass with several of these changes in diet alone, Keto, Fasting and Juice fasting to name just 3…..might be why there are not many likes or views here. Because there are many videos here showing the great results!

  4. The reason it didnt work is because approached the whole thing incorrectly. 5 days aint gonna change shit! This is a lifestyle change not a quick fix. This is about reducing the amount of work your body needs to undergo when replenishing. The fact they advise the consupmtion of dairy and meat means someone didnt do their homework or supression is at work here.

  5. Garbage!!!
    Don’t believe this false information learn for yourself from experienced juice fast practitioners.

  6. I would drink green every morning sometimes with ginger and lemon wait 30mins to juicing , drunk gallon of water and sometimes workout

  7. This info is just dumb 😂😂 nutrition efficiency😂😂😂 dietitian oh man clearly knows jackshit. If you start feeling sick and get headaches means it's working and body is detoxing stupid.

  8. Juicing it’s not so good for you. You lose the fiber in the fruits and veggies. Trust me on this. Better is eat the whole fruit and veggies.. losing weight really is small portions and exercise to firm muscles. Eating healthy and exercising is a must and 6 to 7 hour sleep to rejuvenate the skin. Stay away from alcohol and drugs you will age so fast. Stay away from toxic relationships don’t get hooked on having a lot of problems. Or else you will get old faster.

  9. "There is no scientific evidence to suggest juices cleanses and detox diets improve health…" There is literally plenty of scientific evidence of people reversing heart disease, treating cancer, treating stomach and GI issues, and treating obesity with fresh juice diets.

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