Weight Loss

Weight Loss – How I Lost 10 Pounds In My 20’s | Dr Mona Vand

Weight Loss – How I Lost 10 Pounds In My 20’s | Dr Mona Vand

Weight Loss - How I Lost 10 Pounds In My 20’s | Dr Mona Vand

Link to free video on my favorite foods to fight cravings:

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Weight Loss How I lost 10 Pounds In My 20’s
Weight Loss How I lost 10 Pounds In My 20s
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How I lost 10 Pounds In My 20’s
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  1. wow Dr. Mona looks great. I thought she was in her 20s. Please tell us about the 6 year pharmacy program. I though you have to have a bachelor's degree, take the PCAT, then apply to a 4 year pharmacy school.

  2. Im 5 ft tall, graduated high school weighing 115 lbs and now I weigh 126 and have 1 year of college left. I think everyone gains weight in college 😭

  3. great advice on the eating clean part and also two other good habits would be trying not to eat out as much and start looking at nutrition labels (try to stay away from higher sodium, higher sat fat (more calorie dense), trans fat, and look at the carb/protein to overall total calories).

  4. Hey doc, calories in > calories expended = weight gain, calories expended > calories in = weight loss. that is how you lose weight and that is the only way you lose weight.

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