Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hormone : How to Fix Your Hormones and Lose Weight

Weight Loss Hormone Video

Weight Loss Hormone

How to Fix Your Hormones and Lose Weight

How to Fix Your Hormones and Lose Weight

I’ve discussed different reasons for weight-loss resistance in past blogs. Many obstacles have nothing to do with what you eat or how much you exercise. Instead, they involve things like nutritional imbalances, chronic inflammation, metabolic challenges, leaky gut, changes in your microbiome, environmental toxins and your genes.

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  1. For men lower ur estrogen…..for women lower ur testosterone…ur body weight will also decrease for both genders

  2. Hi Doctor,
    Do you treat individual patients too. Or do you know if there is any doctor like you in Seattle Washington
    Thank you so much

  3. Hi there. Thanks for this video. I was looking for the ebook link on thyroid solution but couldn't locate. Can you please resend or email to me? Would really appreciate it!! Thank you.

  4. This doctor knows what he s talking about. He the best doctor for simply undersyanding out nutritional problems.

  5. I’m surprised that you don’t mention caffeine, which so many people are addicted to. That will keep your fight-or-flight response in high gear which increases cortisol and adrenaline.

  6. I take Thyroxyine for my Thyroid @200mg. I use Iodised Salt on most of my Food am I doing it right. What else do i need

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