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Weight Loss Healthy Habits : Simple Weight Loss Habits You Can Start NOW!

Weight Loss Healthy Habits Video

Weight Loss Healthy Habits

Simple Weight Loss Habits You Can Start NOW!

Simple Weight Loss Habits You Can Start NOW!

Healthy Habits to Start! Simple Weight Loss Habits you can start now!


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  1. It’s actually hump day.. oh my!

    I really need this video.. I am 5’3” and I weigh just over 200lbs! Ughh wish me luck

  2. I'm so glad i found your channel! I restarted my law of attraction journey and you've inspired me so much! Your videos are on repeat for me. Thank you for all the positivity

  3. I often drink a ginger tea in the morning or add it into my morning smoothie. In my country is cold right now.. so ginger is a need 😂

    Also friend of my makes warm smoothie: 2x kiwi, banana, honey and warm green tea!
    It is great in a winter time!

  4. Hello I am new to Ur channel and I think I'll quit my coffees in the mornings for a smoothie instead 😊 thanks for the tips! I love Ur videos 😘

  5. Love the daily smoothie idea, and tying it in with “starting your day healthy”. Cuz then if I have something not-so-great like a burger later on, I know I still have some good nutrients on the inside! Sidenote, your makeup is flawless!

  6. why is cold water bad for you in the morning?
    so many videos i watch and blogs i read say to drink cold water in the morning to jump-start your metabolism and wake you up?

  7. I’m obsessed with your channel! I love your positivity, knowledge and the way you connect with your viewers. You have an understanding of “real” women and how easier steps help to get healthy over time

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