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Weight Loss Giving Up Diet Soda : Do Diet Soda Make People Fat? Diet Drinks & Weight Loss Artificial Sweeteners Truth Talks

Weight Loss Giving Up Diet Soda Video

Weight Loss Giving Up Diet Soda

Do Diet Soda Make People Fat? Diet Drinks & Weight Loss Artificial Sweeteners Truth Talks

Do Diet Soda Make People Fat? Diet Drinks & Weight Loss Artificial Sweeteners Truth Talks

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Do Diet Soda Make People Fat? Truth About Diet Drinks & Weight Loss, Artificial Sweeteners, Truth Talks

Psychetruth News Correspondent & Certified Holistic Health Coach Corrina Rachel interviews Dr. Vincent Bellonzi, D.C., C.C.N. about the diet sodas like Diet Coke & Diet Pepsi. Do these drinks really help you lose weight? or will diet soda and artificial sweeteners actually cause weight gain and prevent weight loss?

Learn about Dr. Bellonzi’s new book: Health Recklessly Abandoned

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  1. I drink around 4L of Pepsi Max everyday (Yes, I know that’s terrible). I don’t believe it has prevented me from losing weight as I have recently lost 6st 5lbs over the last year.

  2. I just happen to prefer the diet soda taste actually, don't care about any perceived weight lost from drinking it. I drink a can for lunch and one for dinner and never felt the need to munch on anything afterwards. I find these artificial sweeteners controversies are just blown out of proportion in general.

  3. I can give up anything and don't miss it but can't give up diet sodas.. totally addicted for over 20 years it's never affected my health or teeth ..
    but I HATE sweeteners in coffee and I don't eat foods with sweeteners because I eat a natural diet .. except for the Diet Coke ..
    yes I drink about 8 cans a day used to be double that.. but I make a note of my daily calorific intake it never goes beyond 2000 cal a day ..

  4. I drink 8 cans of diet mountain dew a day. I hate coffee but probably drink to much pop. So 56-60 cans a week.

  5. i drink diet soda and have not change my eating habit nor had a difference in exercise and lost 13 pounds in one month from switching from regular soda to diet soda

  6. Wait, so when someone feels like they can eat cheesecake after they drink a diet soda, it's the diet soda's fault? How? That's just a bad dieter.

  7. This is such bullshit. Diet soda has carbonation which helps you feel full, it also has caffeine which helps with suppressing an appetite. The entire acid thing… there is acid in your stomach with a pH of around 2. Diet sodas have a pH of around 3(your stomach is more acidic) so no harm is done. Acid and your teeth… no, there is not enough contact to do any damage.

  8. Im addicted to Pepsi max, I usually drink 1.2L per day sometimes more… Just poured my last bottle down the drain after watching the first 5 minutes. #quiting

  9. cola diet 4ever i swear i started diet by drinking alot of cola diet and i swear i lost 20kg in 1 and half month

  10. they just need to make a seltzer water with caffeine no fake sugar or real sugar just bubbling water caffeine from coffee beans natural caffeine and fruit flavors make the caffeine like 30mg a can or something lol

  11. Diabetes is a concern so i drink diet soda, my brother drank about 4 sugar sodas a day, HE is dead at 58. I'm now 70.

  12. Obviously soda is bad for you, and juice has a lot of sugar, but you can't live afraid to drink soda/juice every once in a while. Imagine drinking only water; how boring. If you didn't want the extra calories, then drinking a "zero" soda wouldn't be that bad to your body vs. drinking a soda with calories which is worse. Just like everything else in life, if it's done in excess it's bad. 

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