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Weight Loss Formula 1 Driver : Lewis Hamilton: I lose 10 pounds in one race

Weight Loss Formula 1 Driver Video

Weight Loss Formula 1 Driver

Lewis Hamilton: I lose 10 pounds in one race

Lewis Hamilton: I lose 10 pounds in one race

Lewis Hamilton explains the rigorous toll racing takes on his body, thanks to G-forces and gear.

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  1. I did some driving at SpeedVegas a couple of years ago (I posted a video of my laps on my page). Trust me, g forces put an assault on your body similar to being in a boxing match taking body blows while skydiving. That's the best way I can put it. So F1 drivers probably go through that times 10 each drive they do, including qualifying

  2. Astronauts are great athletes. Physical specimens in fact. Is being an Astronaut a sport ๐Ÿ˜… the same people who think F1 is a sport, think Darts is a sport.

  3. he#s an idiot, he doesn't lose anything CLOSE to 10lbs in a race. they weigh him and the car after the race and the car was only 0.8lbs lighter on average. he's only saying that to sound like it's an incredibly stressful and difficult job, when other drivers have said "F1 needs to be back to when it was all manual, because in other sports, when it's over, the people are exhausted, and need days to recover, in F1 the drivers are sweating, but they could do another F1 after 15 min break to get something to eat, even the car could do another F1. He's lying. As usual

  4. Tks Graham for your video but ive already see all of them if you want to show me Hamilton Lewis Carl Davidson is now up now 2019 tks you know LoVe Never goes away.

  5. Couldn't stand LH a few years back but he has earned my respect both on and off track. Great driver and seems like an equally good dude

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  8. For all the people thinking about buying F1 car for weight loss. It's not fat loss, it's fluid loss, you practically balloon back to your normal weight next day, after electrolytes and fluids are replenished and back to normal. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. ive been watching f1 for a couple months now and i really love it and i had no clue the ammount of shit it takes on your weight i new the g force and shit and everything but i never knew you could lose that much weight that quick.

  10. 10 pounds of water weight that is. He sweats a lot. Barely something to get freaked out by.

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