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Weight Loss Foods Trader Joes : Healthy Snacks/Grocery Haul | Trader Joe's Favorites

Weight Loss Foods Trader Joes Video

Weight Loss Foods Trader Joes

Healthy Snacks/Grocery Haul | Trader Joe's Favorites

Healthy Snacks/Grocery Haul | Trader Joe's Favorites

Hope you guys enjoy this Trader Joe’s healthy grocery haul! I went over some of my favorite snacks/food items. Most of these foods are staples in my diet and are a good example of what I eat on weekly bases. If you have any other video ideas please comment below!

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  1. Blueberries have great macros considering how large a serving size of them actually is. I always feel like I’m adding way too many blueberries for a serving but nope – you just get a lot.

  2. Where does sugar fit into your diet since u count macros why not sugar it sounds dumb but if u have to much sugar ect ???

  3. I love Trader Joe’s! Thanks for some great recommendations! I absolutely LOVE the dark chocolate almonds with sea salt & turbinado sugar, they are amazing!

  4. Hey! Ralph’s is a Kroger and vonns/pavilions are Safeway (I can’t for the life of me remember what the other Kroger store is inSoCal)They both have stores nationwide just under different names. Out here on the east cost Kroger goes by Harris teeter for instance 🤗. Not sure if it was mentioned but I went through most of the comments before I gave up and didn’t see anything 🙈

  5. Do a Walmart grocery haul! I’m basically out in the sticks and the closest Trader Joe’s is two hours away.. 😅

  6. Put those green olives on cream cheese (or a vegan alternative) on celery, it is my all time favorite snack!!

  7. Watched this video yesterday and then went to TJs and got those mini muffins. Just warmed one up and had it with my spinach egg white scramble. Perfect hint of sweetness! Thank you! Have a beautiful day!

  8. Love your videos ☺️
    Just wondering if you had any recipes for lentils and pulses and how to use them for dinners?

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