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Weight Loss Foods To Increase Metabolism : Reignite Your Metabolism

Weight Loss Foods To Increase Metabolism Video

Weight Loss Foods To Increase Metabolism

Reignite Your Metabolism

Reignite Your Metabolism

Does it seem like no matter how hard you try to eat clean and exercise the scale just won’t budge? Dr. Oz has the metabolism-boosting tips you need to put an end to stubborn weight gain, fatigue, stress and brian fog.

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  1. Hello,I struggle through an eating disorder and I have body dismorphia .Every time I lose weight I still see my old self,I still feel completely fat and disgusting. Other people in my school usually ignore me or stare at me with dirty looks. I usually catch other girls whispering mean comments about my weight and I am sick of it.I really have no idea what to do with my body,everything I try goes completely wrong and I feel hopeless. Even my own family ignores me a lot of the time.I want to give up but I also want to keep on going so I need some help.

  2. Talks about the damn pituitary gland and talks about metabolism and how to make our stomachs digest food good and fast and concluded the video by telling us to eat some damn nuts.

  3. High fat and sugar didn't work for me and I have a terrible metabolism from it. No joke. I work out extremely hard (2 hours daily and I don't look like I do much. Im getting my metabolism tested. It started with a high sugar and fat diet.

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