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Weight Loss Foods In Nigeria : What I Eat In A Day | To Lose Weight | Nigerian Diet

Weight Loss Foods In Nigeria Video

Weight Loss Foods In Nigeria

What I Eat In A Day | To Lose Weight | Nigerian Diet

What I Eat In A Day | To Lose Weight | Nigerian Diet

This is what I eat in a day to lose weight: Nigerian food, easily accessible to me. From my research, To lose weight you have to burn off more than you take in so portion control is a major for me. Also I change the way I cook some meals and ingredients I use. If you want more videos like this, make sure you Comment, Like and SUBSCRIBE. I mentioned a few recipes:

Chicken Suya Skewers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru2g3Uu_NbU&t=6s

Panla Sauce With Uziza https://youtu.be/_5Nl1qLL2u0

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  1. Like you said lifestyle change…you can cut out bread…bread on this side of the pond contains lots of sugar…it's the sugar that is the reason for wanting to cut out bread. The Ugwu and all that…delicious

  2. Yo she really peeled a unripe plaintain with her hands. I’m dark white bruhπŸ˜‚. The amount of time that would have took me

  3. Hi this is my first time I've seen your video and it's very very interesting and loved it please I just want to ask about how did you make the flat bread that you added to your chicken please I would like to know

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