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Weight Loss Foods For Cats : Overweight Shelter Cat Slims Down – BRONSON | The Dodo

Weight Loss Foods For Cats Video

Weight Loss Foods For Cats

Overweight Shelter Cat Slims Down – BRONSON | The Dodo

Overweight Shelter Cat Slims Down - BRONSON | The Dodo

33-Pound Shelter Cat Slims Down | This rescue cat is gigantic, but he’s working toward his goal weight. You can keep up with Bronson and all of his adventures on instagram, iambronsoncat: https://thedo.do/bronson. You can also check him out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmBronsonCat/.

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  1. those previous owners shouldn't of let him get so fat, should have fed him wet cat food only and play with him for exercise, cats get fat when there bored and inside all day its sad

  2. Why are you producing a story when the cat has barely lost any weight?

    I mean good luck to that adorable kitty but dodo ugh

  3. Lucky this cat hadn't become a diabetic. I understand that overweight cats and dogs can get diabetes. I heard a blurb over the news that over 50% of pets in North America are overweight.

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