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Weight Loss Fiber Rich Foods : Optimize Your Fiber Intake

Weight Loss Fiber Rich Foods Video

Weight Loss Fiber Rich Foods

Optimize Your Fiber Intake

Optimize Your Fiber Intake

Fiber flushes fat, keeps your digestion regular and even helps lower cholesterol but too much can upset your stomach. Dr. Oz has the solutions that will help you prevent gas, cramping and more!

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  1. I ate a big bowl of bran flakes from public last week thinking they were like special K, and it felt like my stomach was going through its own PMS every 10 minutes. I threw away the chocolate chips I added thinking they were bad lmao

  2. Some American 'celebrities' have a habit of holding a womans' hand even if they don't know them very well. Trump is a classic example, he decided to hold the hand of the British Prime Minister when she came to visit… completely out of order! These men have some kind of issue with women and they should really get therapy – at best it's patronising.

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  4. Why do I need to remove some good ole saturated fat with fiber? I ate it for a reason. I don't eat carbs or sugar so I don't need fiber to prevent me from metabolizing them. What he forgot to mention was that fiber also prevents the absorption of nutrients and usually comes in food that contains anti-nutrients, toxins, and sugars.
    I could eat 2 lbs of meat and I'm lucky if 1/3 makes it to the back door. Why is this the case? It's because I absorb most of the protein, fat, and nutrients. Eating fiber with the meat would only hinder this process. There is no reason for me to eat plant-based food as animal-based food contains everything I need to thrive. Yes, even vitamin C. Plants do not contain all the nutrients I need to thrive.

  5. Oh no! Even Dr Oz believes that "lowering your cholesterol" is desirable… why are so many health professionals touting this outdated belief. Cholesterol is an integral part of virtually EVERY cell in the human body. The human brain contains MORE cholesterol than any other organ in the body – fact! Cholesterol is simply cholesterol – there is no such thing as 'good' or 'bad' cholesterol. It is true that Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) and Very Low Density Lipoproteins (VLDL) can over time become oxidised. Because of their small size particles, they can become trapped in the walls of arteries. These molecules also carry cholesterol into the damaged area of the artery wall. When surgeons observe cholesterol in an occluded artery, dumb doctors believe wrongly that cholesterol is to blame. How stupid they are – they have been brain washed by 'Big Pharma'! Move on, absolutely nothing to see here.

  6. You'd think that after all the times this guy has been indicted by the FDA he wouldn't have a show anymore, let alone be allowed to call himself a "doctor".

    He isn't.

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