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Weight Loss Extreme : The Secret Behind Extreme Weight Loss

Weight Loss Extreme Video

Weight Loss Extreme

The Secret Behind Extreme Weight Loss

The Secret Behind Extreme Weight Loss

Celebrity fitness trainer Chris Powell reveals how he has been able to help obese individuals lose half their body weight, including a piece of advice that changed his life completely.

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  1. Keto pills have helped me to lose weight I got them from ketoplus.me and I have lost 37 pounds in 2 months. They put your body into ketosis fast and burn body fat beginners should use them.

  2. I lost 40 pounds in two months. The weight rolled off. But I worked out 4 to 6 hours a day. Straight cardio. And I was on a strict keto diet at the time. A low fat, kale and tuna only everyday, keto diet. I suffered thyroid problems which caused hair loss from the rapid weight loss. Also loads of loose skin…

  3. I just measure my calories (under 210), sounds unhealthy but drink a LOT of water and at the end of the month eat anything you want, so anything you want for that lucky end of the month, then go back to regular calorie counting and exercise every 2 hours till 8:30PM and 6:40AM

    Not anorexic btw I’m just doing this to maintain my body and getting a reward every end of the month

  4. Welp, rn I'm like 228lbs……very bad…..but on the flip side I'm 6ft and I'm an endomorph, meaning that unlike others, some of that is muslce so I'm quite bulky, not super overly fat…..I used to be like 187lbs during my freshmen year (junior now), when I still worked out, really wanna go again, I honestly don't feel different tho…..like at all lol, I still feel like the exact same

  5. Me: oh wow he works with super obese… good he may be able to help me

    Him: Super obese 200 pounds and over

    Me: I’ve never thought of myself as SUPER OBESE…ears stop listening 🙉

  6. Great tips! I loved it. what also helped me lose weight fast was flat belly fix. I want to help everyone specially those who are having problems losing weight. I would recommend it to anyone if you are interested here is the link to the product @t

  7. Chris is the happiest guy on earth. His positive outlook and energy could make a rock lose weight. Thx for this!

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