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Weight Loss Eating Mcdonalds : 30 DAY McDonalds DIET Weight Loss (Documentary) **SHOCKING**

Weight Loss Eating Mcdonalds Video

Weight Loss Eating Mcdonalds

30 DAY McDonalds DIET Weight Loss (Documentary) **SHOCKING**

30 DAY McDonalds DIET Weight Loss (Documentary) **SHOCKING**

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  1. Why do you have to eat so much food when you do eat? Its ridiculous amount of food in one sitting. That's not a good lesson for anyone. I am all for fasting as much as you can but being a pig on regular eating days is just wrong and creating bad habits for life.

  2. His scores went up!!!! Esp the TSH and the c-reactive protein, and what's this 'fasting'? This shows you lose weight on a fast food diet, but it's poor quality food that lacks nutrition value. Better would be wholegrain products with lean meat and plenty of fresh fruit vegetables, McDonalds never ever sold us quality food.

  3. Interesting to watch the only thing is when you say your going to eat a McDonalds for 30 days to me that would be the complete meal with fries and I didnt notice in this video you eating them at any time, so really you were selecting what you ate rather than having what some might call the traditional menus ( fries and all ).

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